CCTV Surveillance Footage: 4 Tips to Have Better Security Footage

Security cameras have become increasingly common in the surveillance industry—to enhance their functionality, usability, and efficiency. They have been combined with emerging technologies like the internet, cloud technology, and even robotisation. These cameras were originally designed for surveillance and security but have since expanded into other fields due to technological advancements. Furthermore, security cameras are crucial for keeping an eye on your premises and preventing unwanted intrusions. These tips will help you improve your CCTV surveillance footage in Singapore for efficiency.

1. Pick a CCTV with the Required Resolution

CCTV camera resolution in Singapore depends on lines; the more lines a camera has, the better its footage will be. A camera with a resolution of 700 lines or higher is ideal for use in the great outdoors. This method yields sharp pictures ideal for identifying people. Indoor cameras with a limited field of view do not require as much pixel density to produce sharp images.

2. Consider your Footage Retrieval, Storage, and Management

CCTV cameras in Singapore are associated with gathering crucial information and real-time footage. You’ll require both a destination for the information and a means of retrieving it. Which comes first, storing the data on hard drives or in the cloud? Have you considered whether you’ll need more storage space to accommodate all the information? And if a break-in occurs and you need to provide the police with a video file, how will you get footage? When formulating your CCTV surveillance plan, these factors are crucial.

3. Enhance the Lighting Around the CCTV

The camera’s resolution is irrelevant if you don’t have good lighting for your CCTV in Singapore. People often assume that outdoor cameras will be adequately illuminated by street lighting, but this is not always the case. Add an LED illuminator to your camera to take better photos in low light. When setting up, ensure the light’s reflection or glare doesn’t ruin the picture.

4. Decide the Optimal Height

Optimal placement of CCTV cameras in Singapore requires careful consideration of both the camera’s and the target’s height. The higher you install your cameras, the more of the area they will capture. That’s why it’s vital to mount the cameras high enough to get the best possible view and coverage. The cameras can’t capture fine details if they’re too high up. Cameras positioned too high will not help in the event of a security breach. Your security cameras should be high enough to capture a wide angle but low enough to capture fine details.

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