4 Dos and Don’ts to Help You Get Great Corporate Shirt Printing

Company printed t shirts are an art form to be treasured and studied by businesses. It is easy to say you can create your custom shirt with a little effort. But even with an experienced t-shirt company at the helm of your project, you can still encounter mistakes that can lead to costly do-overs.

When you print shirts, the designs are final. You cannot fix them unless you redo the design with a new batch of fresh shirts. You might want to look at a list of dos and don’ts for shirt printing. With a T shirt printing company in Singapore, you could still fall into many traps that might lead to costlier investments for your prints. Here are a few dos and don’ts you need to mind.


1. Always discuss prices and quotes before you get started

This tip for price checking can help reduce or eliminate the horror stories about hidden charges and not knowing what you get when you purchase a whole stack of shirts from untrustworthy sources.

2. Never have only one option

When looking for a shirt manufacturer for company t shirt printing, never settle for only one option, even if they look like the best one. Get quotes from multiple sources to give yourself an advantage.


1. Sacrifice material quality for cost

You might be tempted to sacrifice quality over cost for your t-shirt design when you get corporate shirt printing. Your shirt prints will easily wear out if you get cheap fabrics.

2. You do not ask for a sample of your shirt

Avoid printing mishaps and regrets by asking for samples before printing the whole batch. You can catch most mistakes in this stage.

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