Why Making Your Cat Work For Her Food Is Actually Good?

The life of a cat is a good one. Your cat gets to nap wherever and whenever it wants to, comes and goes as it pleases and gets regularly fed without even having to do anything. As a loving cat owner, taking care with the help of affordable pet care of all of your cat’s needs is likely to be your priority. Ensuring that they have a warm place to sleep and the best wet cat food to eat is vital to keeping your pet healthy and happy. Making your cat work for her food may seem like a cruel idea when you could easily serve it straight to her in her bowl. But did you know that making your cat work for her food is good for her? Read on to find out why working for their food is so beneficial for cats:

If your cat continually begs for food, making mealtimes more interesting could help to resolve this. Your cat will be far more engaged in the feeding process if they see the food as a reward after putting in the effort to find it. Challenging your cat to find their food may not be practical to do all the time, but doing it reasonably regularly can help to add some extra interest and fun into the feeding process for your feline.

Being overweight can impact on your pet’s quality of life. An overweight cat may be more prone to certain illnesses and health problems. Making your cat work for her food is a useful way to get her moving and taking an active role in the feeding process. Hunting for food is perfect for encouraging your cat to exercise more.

Putting some work into finding their food enables cats to put their hunting skills into practice without even venturing outside. This makes it the perfect way to combat boredom for house Cats That Dont Shed. This makes it the perfect way to combat boredom for house cats. As house cats don’t get the stimulation of being in an outdoor environment, hunting for the food indoors helps them to stay stimulated and remain active.

Activities for Cats

Providing your cat with food-finding activities is a great way to keep them stimulated, and could even make them happier.

There are many different types of cat activities that can be used to keep your pet both fed and to enrich their lives. Popular cat activities include balls that you place food inside, and then your cat can roll the ball along. Food then drops out the ball as a reward. You could also try a cat puzzle that requires your cat to retrieve food with their paws from a tunnel. Try using a combination of puzzles to prevent your cat from getting bored, and to ensure they remain stimulated.

Don’t forget to make sure that your cat is still receiving her optimum amount of food per day when she works for her meals. It can be harder to gauge how much your cat is eating when working to find their food themselves, so make sure that you monitor their daily food intake.