What to Do After Your PR Application Got Rejected?

Some people want to live in other countries to improve their lives. Fortunately, other countries have more opportunities for jobs, security, and education. Singapore is a choice for most people because it’s a progressive nation. But what if your application got rejected? Does it mean you have no chance to achieve your dreams? Well, don’t lose hope. Here are some tips for making your PR appeal in Singapore successful.

1. Establish a Good Educational Background

In Singapore, PR rejection is possible if you don’t have an excellent educational background. The nation only wants to grant permanent resident status to people with intellect, attitude, and skill levels. It is because the government wants you to contribute to the nation’s progress.

2. Look for a Reputable Job

Your current employment can influence your PR application chances of getting approved. If you’re employed in a well-known company, the authorities can rest assured that you’ll stay in the country for a long time. So, look for a job in a reputable company or brand.

3. Lengthen Duration of Stay

When you appeal for PR rejection in Singapore, consider the length of your stay in the country. The authorities want to know that you have already adjusted to the country’s culture, societal norms, and traditions.

4. Write a PR Appeal Letter

Yes, rejection feels frustrating, and it can make you lose hope to continue. However, there are many ways to improve your situation, like writing a letter. In Singapore, follow the PR appeal letter format to increase your chances of getting approval again.

5. Connect with Family Members

If you want to appeal for your Singapore PR, you can also share your family living in the country with the authorities. You’ll have a better chance of getting approval if you have family in the country. If you don’t have a family, make sure to have societal contributions.

If you need help with your PR appeal, you can contact Singapore Immigration Partners to help you improve your chances of getting approval. Also, visit their website to create an appeal letter.