Wallpaper Services For Every Type Of Space

People love designing things to make them beautiful. Interior design is one activity that centres on the curation of elements to create a work of art. It is a way of expressing oneself or telling a story to people who encounter it. However, it is not just about making things aesthetically pleasing. There is something beyond the visual elements that we see.

There are many aspects of interior design. People arrange pieces of furniture for beauty and functionality. A corner table is not just a decoration, but something to carry your things. Another would be the use of colours in an interior. Serious people prefer neutral tones, while lively people might opt for colourful wallpaper for home use.

A space that you are in packs a lot of stories behind. Let us talk about every type of interior that would benefit from wallpaper services in Singapore.


Walls are one of the vital defining features of an interior. People usually prioritise what colour they will use with it. Why? The walls surround the interior space by separating it from the outside world or other rooms. They are the first thing people notice when they open the door and come inside.

It is why wallpaper installation in Singapore offers tremendous benefits to people. First, both households and business establishments use it. Every interior has walls. People have different styles and preferences in styling them. Second, installation is simple and takes less time than using traditional paint. You only need to plaster the wallpaper sheets on the wall without any problems.

Quality is another selling point of wallpaper for home or business establishments. They are durable materials that can withstand the usual wear and tear. Unlike painted surfaces, scratches and other cosmetic issues are rare. Another would be the easy maintenance process. There is no need to repaint regularly, and they will last long.

Given the advantages of this household item, it is not surprising that people prefer going to a wallpaper shop in Singapore for their interior design needs.

Let us explore how various households and businesses can reap the benefits of using this.


Are you a family with little children playing around? You have all the reasons to switch to using wallpaper for your home.

Here’s why: it offers so much convenience for busy households. Not to mention the versatility you get when it comes to personalisation. Wallpaper installation in Singapore is a hassle-free service, and there are many options for everyone.

First, there is no need to wait for days, or even weeks, just to let the paint dry out. Installing it is so easy. You can do it or hire professional services from a wallpaper shop. Another is it lessens the risk of inhaling toxic substances from wet paint. Small children are safe to stay inside the house during the installation process.

Second, it gives everyone a sense of personalisation. Parents can choose the style they want for their master bedroom. Children can opt for vibrant prints or their favourite colour. Also, it is an opportunity for parents to bond with their children. So go ahead, start a wallpaper installation project with your family and have fun designing your home!

Lastly, your household activities would stay normal because installation does not require weeks of work. There is no need to cover your furniture because of wet paint or adjust everything.



You don’t need an entire household to enjoy the advantages of wallpaper installation in Singapore. Any room – be it a small flat in the city or a regular bedroom – can use wallpaper to transform the visual elements.

One great idea is to transform a simple corner into an accent wall. It is a wall that stands out because of the different patterns. You can opt for a beautiful brick or tile from a wallpaper shop. Imagine having a beautiful corner without using actual building materials.

Also, you can take advantage of wallpaper services in Singaporewhen decorating your unfurnished flat. Contact a professional, and they can transform the interior in no time. You can choose from various designs: plain colours if you like simplicity or vibrant prints for an exciting tone.



Yes, businesses can also transform their spaces with the use of wallpapers. It also helps them with the branding to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to their customers.

If you are a restaurant specialising in a specific type of cuisine, you will benefit from sourcing materials from a wallpaper shop in Singapore. For a Japanese restaurant, you can request patterns of that style. Or, if you want something contemporary and elegant, they can also come up with the design of your dreams.

Using these decorations help your restaurant business because food is not the only thing customers enjoy. It is the experience that comes with it. By working on the interior with wallpaper installation, people appreciate the experience of dining in your restaurant. Your business will have an identity that sets it apart.



Productivity is the goal of coworking or office spaces. People should work in optimal environments to help them accomplish their daily goals. Buying from a wallpaper shop in Singapore can help transform a space into something optimal for working.

For learning environments, pick a colour that is not distracting but also engaging at the same time. You can choose something neutral with soft patterns that are easy on the eyes. Another would be colours that are proven to have cognitive effects. For example, a purple wallpaper for your home would make a good choice for both a bedroom and library because of its calming properties. Or an off-white wallpaper for less distraction.

Things can be different for office spaces. Employers want something optimal for productivity while being consistent with the company branding. If the business identity is a combination of neon shades, professional wallpaper services in Singapore can propose something that is not distracting to the employees.


Wallpaper services offer tremendous benefits for clients ranging from individual households to large-scale enterprises. All you need to worry about is your preferences in the design.

If you need professional help transforming your interior tones, contactFrekkles Pte Ltd for an exceptional wallpaper installation in Singapore.