Useful Tips for Betting on E-Sports

The industry of competitive video gaming is increasing its popularity by the day. Millions of people worldwide watch live tournaments and championships betting money on the possible outcomes. It’s already a multi-million-dollar business. Some tournaments have prize pools as big as $20 million and more. In case you decided to try betting on your favorite video game, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Pick a bookmaker. There are lots of websites that accept bets on video games. Some are general and cover different sports and video games. Other sites focus on the e-sport industry or one game only. Sites like deal with Dota 2 only.The choice here depends on the preferences. However, one should account for the safety and reputation of the site.
  2. Do your research. Learn everything you don’t know about the game and its peculiarities. It’s better to know about little details that can completely change the outcome beforehand. Then you should learn more about the players, teams, and ratings. If the teams have had encounters before, study the tactics, results, and the event in general. Such information increases chances to make a winning prediction.

Set up certain limits to stop yourself from betting too much money or wasting too much time. It’s a reasonable solution for those who often regret betting or have other issues. Those who have gambling addiction should avoid betting on e-sports, too.