Unique aspects of TCG

For every occasion and type of player, there’s a card game out there. Card games are an evolving concept that has been around for literal centuries. We have your classic card games like poker and blackjack, which are a staple of casinos and other venues. We have party card games, for sharing and enjoying amongst friends and are rapidly gaining traction. We have family-friendly card games, good for all ages, and are a popular way to bond with your loved ones and close relatives.

Then we have your trading card games, a category of card games that are highly interesting in their own right and stands out from other card games. Trading card games are one of the most popular card game categories out there. Even as a casual card game enthusiast, or as someone who just likes to observe from the outside, you might recognize some of these card games in passing. These card games often seem much more different from the others, with communities more fiercely devoted than in others. It’s likened to the enthusiasm of many board game or video game communities. So what’s with the hype?


Trading card games, also known as collectible card games or TCG, are a complex type of card game that has many aspects or characteristics that make for more fluid, dynamic, and strategic gameplay. And as such, they are way more complex than other types of card games. Though there are many TCGs in the world today, there are some characteristics that they all share. Here are some of the things that define TCG, its cards, and its gameplay.

Aspects of TCG


  • Intense strategy-based gameplay. The strategy part of trading card games stems from the fact that these games usually have more complex rules for gameplay– each card may have different functions that make for very exciting matchups that always go differently each time.



  • A massive deck. Trading card games aren’t called collectible card games too without reason. The fluidity of gameplay comes from the diversity in the cards of the game. Some TCGs, like Cardfight!! Vanguard have a card list so massive that it would be near impossible to collect them all. Unlike a standard 52-card deck you play for many classic card games, by nature of the game you can play a match without needing all of the cards.



  • Rarity and collectibility of some cards. Because of point number 2, many players will not have a chance to get all of the cards in a trading card game set. Oftentimes, there is a chance that TCG cards will be hard to find or highly desirable. These make some cards very sought after, increasing their value amongst those who love to collect or own cards with powerful “abilities.”



  • Customization. The large card list of TCGs like Cardfight!! Vanguard makes it possible for players to mix and match the cards according to their playstyle and preference. This makes every match feel like a fresh and exciting spectacle for both watchers and players.



  • Updating and evolving gameplay. Unlike classic and most party card games, the rules and landscape of the game are constantly changing because of the additions of new cards to the list. Booster packs and new sets are made regularly to switch up things ever so often.



  • Tradable nature of TCG cards. Rarity and the option to customize goes a long way! There’s a sizable population of players in every major TCG looking to trade or buy cards. If you’re lucky, you might be able to trade for a card that suits your playstyle option much better. The exciting unpredictability makes deck building an unpredictable and fun affair.



  • Community. There’s just no beating the community of popular trading card games like Cardfight!! Vanguard. These are intensely tight-knit groups that bond over their shared love of the game, and it is more akin to communities of video and card games too. Many popular TCG communities hold events for the unveiling of new content, tournaments or matches that gather players from all across the area, thriving online forums where people can discuss their favorite aspect of the game or just to exchange banter and tips, and other stuff that makes trading card games, not just about the game itself but an entire experience.



  • The lore or story behind the game. The complicated nature of trading card games allows them to have a solid backstory and canon that allows for a much richer gaming experience. Though it may not be entirely necessary to play the game, they’re interesting to know in their own right. For example, Cardfight!! Vanguard’s story is told through several mediums, mainly the anime TV shows, manga, live-action movies, and other tidbits. In the card game, you play as a Cardfighter summoning powerful Vanguards to fight for you.


Interested in playing CFV?

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