Understand All About Your Tax Returns

What if you started worrying about your tax return right now? Even if you think you have some time ahead of you, a little preparation beforehand is never wasted.

Collect all information

“Do not blindly trust the pre-filled declaration”. This was the advice formulated in the past. From a fiscal point of view, the taxpayer is solely responsible for the sums declared (with an authorized margin of error of 5%). In short, you need to check the figures entered in your declaration and for this several documents are necessary (supporting documents, statements). Now for more info read the followings.

Rather than doing it at the last minute, it is better to anticipate by starting to group together the documents useful for the declaration: annual salary statements, deductible expense accounts. This will allow you in particular to claim any missing documents in time.

Thus, when preparing your return, you will have all the necessary information on hand, including the precise statement of your deductible expenses, so that you can be sure that you do not forget any.

Simulate your input tax

Not waiting until the last moment also allows you to choose with a relaxed mind the best way to declare your income. On certain aspects, the taxpayer may indeed face options.

This is the case for adult children. The rule is that they are a home apart. And if the parents help them financially, the sums paid are deductible (up to 5,795 euros this year). But in some cases, adult children can also remain attached to the parents’ home. The latter cannot then deduct anything but benefit from an additional half share. In short, it is better to do some calculations beforehand to make the right choice.

The same work can be done for land income

Homeowners receiving less than 15,000 euros per year in property income have an automatic 30% deduction to cover their costs. But in the event of large expenses related to their property (s), they can also switch to the real regime in which they deduct all of their expenses (work, property tax, interest, etc.). Here too, it is advisable not to wait until the last moment to carry out your calculations. Especially since the option for the real regime commits the taxpayer for 3 years.


These are just examples. Some taxpayers may also be affected by other measures: treatment of exceptional income or retirement allowance, ventilation reportable income after a divorce in the year , interest or not to move to actual costs .. In short, the period preceding the declaration can be used to document oneself. Finally, it should be noted that online tools make it possible to evaluate the various options and to optimize the amount of its taxation.