Top Locations For Your Florida Road Trip

After two years under lockdown, you must be looking for a vacation. It is bizarre how things have changed from desperately wanting some time at home to begging for an outing. As the COVID-19 pandemic meets its gradual end, it is the perfect time to go on that road trip you have EireTrip planned for years.

With land spanning over 65,700 sq. miles, Florida is one of the best states for a road trip. So, it is time to get an rv rental in Tampa, FL and tour the Sunshine State


Starting on the East Coast of Florida, you would find yourself in the beautiful city of Tampa. From the open, blue skies at Tampa Bay to adrenaline rushes at the Busch Gardens Adventure Park, this city has a lot to offer.

You can walk along the longest sidewalk at Bayshore Boulevard and buy tiny treasures at Ybor City. Lettuce Lake Regional Park is an excellent spot if you want to go hiking. If you are the opposite and you want to enjoy the peace, Hyde Park is the perfect place with brunches and shops to enjoy.

Tampa is the perfect starting point. You can get your rv rental in Tampa, FL, and head out to the next circles on your map. And while you are in Tampa, do not miss out on the famous Cuban sandwich!


After enjoying the wonderful city of Tampa, you go southward to Naples. It is a city that makes the most of its seas.

On your way from Tampa to Naples, you pass through Fort Myers. Be sure to make a stop and visit the Edison and Ford Estates.

At Naples, you get the chance to explore the ocean and taste delicious seafood. If you are an adventurer, this is the place to be. Naples offers:


Sunset cruises

Mangrove tunnels

Manatee sightseeing and wildlife tours

Boat tours and private charter sailboats


After enjoying the sea and wildlife at Naples, you head to the state’s southern tip. With calm beaches and rich cultural hubs, Miami is the best place to relax after your adventures in Naples.

Miami brings peaceful cruises and gorgeous Art Museums.

Miami Zoo gives you a unique look into South and Central American culture.

The American Airlines Arena seats nearly 18,000 people for NBA games.

Miami Design District, which shows off a string of galleries.

Feel free to take a detour and visit the Everglades National Park.


Finally, you drive north into Central Florida. Orlando is home to over a dozen amusement parks, so if you have kids, you have your showstopper.

The chief attraction is Walt Disney World.

Opened in 1971, Disney World spreads over 39 sq. miles. It has two water parks, four theme parks and over 30 themed resort hotels.

Hence, Orlando is the perfect last stop for your road trip.

Final Words

Road trips around a state are the best way to explore it truly. The journey becomes just as important as the destination as you notice mesmerizing details. That is why it is vital to ensure that your travel is safe and comfortable.

Taking a close look at the map is crucial. Be sure to have a clear vision of the route and mark all the hospitals, pharmacies and gas stations.

Finding motels can also be challenging. You can find all possible lodging on your route and plan your journey accordingly. Or you can get an RV rental in Tampa, Fl.

With rental RVs, you can travel comfortably and at your own pace. They are also convenient if you are travelling in a group.