Top 4 Qualities I Look For In A Chinese Yoga Teacher

Finding a yoga course in Singapore is relatively easy, so long as you do your assignment to find the best one, like I did when I was in the midst of my search. As I am taking Chinese yoga for beginners, I require strict discipline without my yoga teacher compromising her warm and caring approaches. Whatever kind of instruction they use, all good Chinese yoga teachers must uphold specific characteristics, like passion and genuineness in their profession.

Otherwise, I will feel that I am just another student paying for yoga classes. As much as possible, I want to gain knowledge and skills and open my heart to have fun while seeing my Chinese yoga teacher as a respectable friend with whom I can be open throughout the sessions.

As Chinese yoga will be a new journey for me, my teacher must be patient yet has the grip of determination to teach me. I would also do my best as a learning student of course! Besides, I know that it will be such a marvellous adventure in my life to learn from great teachers.

In this article, I will share the top qualities I look for in a Chinese yoga teacher.

Top 4 Qualities I Look For A Chinese Yoga Teacher

1. The Teacher’s Vitality

The energy my Chinese yoga teacher possesses is an essential aspect of yoga instruction. If any of these crucial aspects are lacking, or if your Chinese yoga teacher is not having fun or radiating enthusiasm while teaching, yoga will become dull, tiring or stressful.

2. Their Qualifications

If you are considering attending a yoga course in Singapore, ask someone in the office about the qualifications of their yoga teachers. It is an excellent approach for me that you show your gym that you value the training its instructors get. More importantly, you should look for a teacher who has been doing this for years, not just a few weeks.

3. Their Personality And Presence

A booming Chinese yoga teacher knows how to attract and get the attention of their yoga students. My Chinese yoga teacher must be able to command the students’ attention by showing her outstanding abilities.

What I love most about my Chinese yoga teacher is that she warms my heart with how she educates while others provide fun and a great sense of humour. Remember to concentrate on your energy while being peaceful, centred, and joyful.

4. Examines My Flexibility And Physicality

I ensure that my Chinese yoga teacher tailors their instruction to me. They have a plan, but they can be open for alterations that can help in my adjustments as a beginner. Listening to and caring for me as their student, even if they are not immediately providing criticism, requires some intuition.

Believe me when I say that it’s alright not to be a fantastic yoga dancer since it is not a requirement when I attend yoga courses. Though, it would be best if you comprehended movement, alignment, and physiology and had a steady practice—but remember that an efficient Chinese yoga teacher will be by your side from beginning to end.

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