The Growing Demand for Online Cake Deliveries

Every birthday, ordering a cake is the first thing that comes to our mind. It became an unspoken rule that a birthdaywouldn’t be complete without a cake. Besides, a cake is versatile when paired with various drinks. It goes well with soda, tea, and even wine! Yes, wine! You can serve wine on your birthday for your guests to better enjoy the cake. It is a perfect setup for an all-grown-up birthday party, don’t you think? 

The idea of cakes and wines sounds wonderful, but the preparation to throw such a party is not. You still have to send out the invitations, inform the guests about the date & venue, decorate the venues, and visit a bakeshop personally to buy a cake. Fortunately, birthday cake delivery services in Singapore are now booming. You do not have to go through the hassle of going outside, commuting to get to the bakeshop, and waiting in line. You could place an order at home! And the best part is, some online cake shops are providing same-day delivery services in Singapore! It is convenient, especially if you have no time to place an order in advance. 

Why is the Online Cake Delivery Industry Booming? 


Almost everything can now be bought online. From dry goods to food items, you can get a hold of what you need if you go and shop online. Because of how eCommerce stores are now popping out now and then, consumers can easily buy almost anything they want. However, it is not only in the eCommerce world that online shopping is booming, but also in the birthday cake delivery industry too. You can easily find a bakeshop with just a quick search in Google!

Birthday cake delivery has become a trend all over the world. More and more people are now attracted to the idea of ordering cakes online because it’s convenient. You can purchase a premium cake and get it delivered right to your doorstep! The trend became more apparent when countries started imposing lockdowns during the pandemic. Although essential services were the only ones operating during a lockdown, other businesses eventually resumed their operations once the restrictions slowly lifted. Because of this, online cake deliveryservices became popular. People would start ordering cakes online as it wasn’t safe to go out yet. With this, they still get to celebrate birthdays at the comfort of their homes. Besides, birthdays feel incomplete without a simple piece of cake!

Aside from the pandemic, here are some of the reasons why the online cake deliveryindustry is booming:

  • Speedy Service

One of the most attractive features of an online bakeshop is the same-day cake delivery services. There might be instances where you forgot to prepare a cake for your special someone’s birthday because you got busy. To avoid disappointing them, you may place an order from an online bakeshop. Some of them offer same-day deliveryservices. If you avail this, you can receive your order in just a few hours! It is an option that is better than looking for an open bakeshop in the last minute. You just have to go online using a smartphone or laptop, browse through the selection of cakes, and place an order! It is easy and convenient!

What’s more, you do not have to worry about the condition of the cake once it gets to your address. Online bakeshops will make sure that it is properly packed so that your cake won’t get ruined. They will also advise the delivery man to be mindful of the cake. 

  • Feedback Availability

What is also great aboutbirthday online cakesis that you get to see the comments and feedback of the past customers. Even though their feedback is subjective, you may still use them to determine whether a specific cake suits your taste. This is the advantage of online stores compared to brick-and-mortar stores. 

  • Order Customised Cakes

In Singapore, online birthday cake shops are going the extra mile to their customers by offering customised cakes to their customers. Not only will you be able to request a specific cake design, but you can also specify some special dietary requirements. Like for example, you may have a problem intaking gluten-rich cakes. It could also be that you are a vegetarian, so you may be wondering if there is such a cake that is vegetarian friendly. 

However, keep in mind that customised cakes may take time to prepare, so you have to book in advance! If not, then do not worry, they have readily available cakes for you to enjoy. Thus, this leads us to our next point. 

Wide Selection of Cakes & Desserts

The problem with physical bakeshops is that you only get to buy what is on display. Although some would accept custom orders, this takes longer to finish. Whereas, in online bakeshops in Singapore, a wide variety of birthday cakesawaits you. You can choose from classic chocolate cakes to artisanal cakes such as a Red Velvet Cake. 

Aside from birthday cakes, they also have other sweets and desserts that you may add to your order. You can get a box of macaroons or cookies for your loved ones’ special day! Wouldn’t these make your birthday gift more special?

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