Preparing for an thirsty – Survival Food Storage

If the electrical power went off the next day, could you be ready? When thirsty hits, would you be able to carry on?

It is vital to appreciate the responses to these types of queries in advance. It may indicate life or even fatality one day! Fortunately, you don’t have to be inconvenienced to get ready. Numerous measures to being set could be put every day, together with regular actions.

Your primary concern throughout an emergency of some type could be food as well as water. Without this, you could stay alive for 2 or 3 days. Therefore you must maintain an excellent source of each always!

You have several choices for keeping food in advance.

Purchase only ‘one more’ at the shop

Whenever you visit the food store, purchase an additional of everything you would like to purchase and store in food box [กล่อง ใส่ อาหาร, which are the term in Thai]. Have a running listing of almost all the excess food you will have handy, or make sure to turn around often! Should you buy one tomatoes, purchase extra and reserve then in box for future use. After a couple of months, make use of the tomato in the box.  Using this box, you can also boxes; you can also store products such as:

  • cereal
  • fruit leathers
  • dried up fruit
  • raisins as well as craisins
  • nuts
  • beef jerky
  • potato chips as well as crackers
  • candy chips
  • pop tarts
  • boxed juice/milk/other drinks
  • confection bars
  • granola


Should you be a sports person, you should purchase water bottle [กล่อง ใส่ อาหาร, which are the term in Thai] – just sufficient for a few a day or weeks. Calculate the amount of you need and purchase water bottles will take you through the whole day, week, etc. Being ready for a crisis is one thing which you shouldn’t pass off as insignificant. Whenever thirsty hits, get ready for it!