Online Casinos

Casino we all have heard about it and the first thing that come in our mind is gambling, but the history shows that it wasn’t always the case.

The word casino derives from an Italian origin, casa meaning home, it meant a small villa or a summer home, and it was during the 19th century that casino came to be included in other public buildings where pleasurable activities such as town function, dancing, music listening, sports and even gambling started taking place. Although the precise origin of gambling is unknown but it has existed in one form or the other in every society.

In the olden days gambling, betting and the likes of it were thought to be of ill nature and such many countries and states have been trying to term them illegal and people involved in these activities are been punished. It was only during the 20th century when the state of Nevada in USA legalized casinos and it changed the course of history and the first legalized casino in USA was setup.

The modern-day casino has been classified into 2 categories:

  • Bricks and Mortar
  • Online casino

Bricks and Mortar casino have been around for quite a while.

The city of Las Vegas is famous for its many casinos and ironically it has earned the name “THE SIN CITY”

Now a days casinos are popping up in many countries and state and they are been allowed to operate as they generate an enormous source of wealth for the state and increase tourist attraction.

Now day’s casinos have gone through a drastic change. there is club house, cruise ships and hotels that house casinos in them.

But in the last 2 years due to covid pandemic a lot these Mortar and Brick casinos has shut their doors and this gave birth to online casinos. Online casinos have sprung up in the last few years due to their convenience; any person on the planet can easily access an online casino by just using his/her mobile or pcs and a proper internet connection. With the development of online casinos people have been able to play games such as black jack, poker and other casinos games from the comfort of their homes.

Even in the south east Africa and city of Singapore where gambling has been around for sometime with many casinos to carter the needs of the tourists visiting the city to try their luck. Although the city of Singapore has strict laws against gambling but these laws can only stop the locals from playing in the casinos, it mandates the locals to pay a higher entry fee in order to gain access in to their live casino Singapore.

The casino control act of 2006 approved by the city, allows for tourist to gamble with out any restriction or hurdle at their casinos.

Owing to the nature of gambling laws in the city of Singapore many citizens of Singapore have turned to online casinos. And these online casinos can operate from outside Singapore they are not bound to follow laws governing the casinos in Singapore. Thus, the locals of Singapore have found a new heaven in the form of online casinos and these online casinos have sprung to cater to the new demand for these type of casinos in Singapore and all other countries and states which has strict gambling laws.

The online casino offers various types of live deals, Fast & Safest withdrawal system. Thus, Singapore live casino has emerged in the new era of gambling not only in Singapore but all around the world.