Mosque carpets are a symbol of devotion

Mosque carpets are a symbol of devotion.

All Muslims have great regard in their heart for the mosque carpet and the things which are related to the mosque specially mosque carpets because this is the only place where Muslims stand together without thinking about the rich and poor, they ignore who is black or white for the sake of Almighty. As we all know these carpets are specially prepared for heavy traffic areas. Manufacturers never forget about fabric, color, and design.

Khana Kaaba, mihrab of masjid Nabi, and maqam Ibrahim are the basic symbols that are found on mosque carpets, these carpets look like we have placed so many ja namaz in the same position.

Colors of the mosque carpet

The mosque does not have much interior and neither its owner wants the same color carpets. The convenience of prayers is the priority. All colors of carpets can be used in the mosque but dark colors just as blue, green, maroon, and brown are preferable because these colors can easily bear a little bit of stain and can spend much time without washing.

Concept of mosque carpet

In the early ages, people used dates or palm leaves on the earth of the mosque, but it could not save prayers from the effect of weather, so the concept of mosque carpets was derived from jai namaz because its fabric is tough in making as compared to a palm tree or some others. It saves you from cold or hot weather, so people start using carpets whose designs are the same as jai namaz. Its other kind is called safe which is also used in mosques.


The stuff of mosque carpet should be soft, but its thickness should be more than ordinary because it bears the harsh weather either hot or cold. The designer kept all these points in mind and prepared the carpet with 10 mm of total thickness with pile height. These carpets can easily be cleaned, rolled, and can be stored.


Mosque carpets are prepared by a highly experienced team. They select fabric for mosque carpets carefully because they know the mosque should be convenient enough that people can easily walk on it barefoot and can damage easily without feeling it harsh. Mostly these carpets are prepared with soft wool cotton, and people feel relaxed when offering prayers.


The carpets which are being used in the mosque should be durable because they cannot be changed soon so the mosque owners never compromise with its quality, they should purchase the best quality carpets to provide comfort to the prayer who came there for the holy purpose salaat. Or to recite the Holy Quran.


As we all know that a mosque is a sacred place its maintenance should be the priority the carpets which are placed in the mosque should be cleaned daily with the help of a brush, broom, or vacuum machine Its cleanliness is necessary otherwise the people who offer pray they become I’ll so making this carpet dust free is important and sometime anti-germ spray should be added during vacuum.