How to claim free bets in a website

Free bets vary from bookies to bookies; they are not free and should be referred to as a bonus. These free bets are being mostly offered to new customers to attract them. You have to deposit real money to get started going with free bets. Bookies come up with tempting offers to their customers so that they can spend some real money. The competition in the gambling industry is quite high, and so it is a good idea to claim some extra funds and select the bookie of your choice. You can get along with it by making a small investment as low as £5 to the test the bookie and get familiar with it. Now the question arises how to claim those free bets if you are a new customer and you are not familiar with it.

Free betting for newbies:

If you are a beginner, the most important question in your mind would be regarding the claim of a bet. A complete guide is available about Free Bet Offers. Free bets have also been made easy. All you need to do is get an account, and most probably you’ll receive an email by the bookie with the guidelines.

Choice of bookie:

First of all, it is mandatory for the new customers to select the bookie carefully according to their own choice and make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions and make sure that you understand it so that you don’t face any problems.

Your first deposit to the bookie:

Once you register yourself with one of them, you need to make your first deposit to your account with your convenience. Once your transaction is completed your bonus will either display under your account, or you have to follow other actions to claim it.

The claim for free bets:

Free bets are easy to claim, but if you are new customer bookies will be going to send you an email with instructions and guideline on hot claim your free bets easily. All bookies have certain requirements which you have to agree upon before signing up. You will have to place real money stakes in order to claim your free bets and roll it over a few times. Staking requirement differs from bookie to bookie, so you have to select one of its which suits you. It is advised to read the tiny script before you make your deposit to avoid any confusion. Finally, the first deposits are for new customers only; existing customers will be contacted directly by bookmakers.