How Eyebrow Embroidery Enhances Natural Beauty

With social media, body image issues have increased in young people through the years. You can see models who have unrealistic appearances when you scroll on Instagram or Facebook. 

Younger generations, especially teenagers, will think it’s the only way to be “beautiful”, which results in an unhealthy diet, low self-esteem and unrealistic beauty standards. Hence, psychologists recommend limiting exposure to social media to protect mental health. 

Now, after scrolling through your social media accounts, you’ve felt a pang of insecurity. But the question is: will you change your mindset? Or Will you allow your insecurities to devour your mind? Remember, you have the power to change your outlook. The best way is to focus on yourself, which is self-love. 

Self-love is essential in this time of unrealistic beauty standards. It is when you accept your flaws and use them to your advantage. It also gives you a mindset to improve yourself, not because of vanity but self-improvement. To start focusing on yourself, you should know Korean eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extensions for an improved facial appearance. 

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What You Need to Know About Eyebrow Embroidery

For those people who went aggressive about tweezing their eyebrows when they were young and who were born with thin eyebrows, eyebrow embroidery is your go-to beauty treatment! Eyebrow embroidery is a new trend in Singapore because it promises fuller and more appealing eyebrows. 

Eyebrow embroidery or Korean eyebrow embroidery is also known as semi-permanent makeup, pigment embroidery or microblading. Somehow, it is a form of tattooing that implants pigment on the skin surface. Are you planning to give this trend a try in Singapore? Read further to find out the things you need to know about eyebrow embroidery. 


Everyone Can Try Embroidery 

Beauty is for everyone, men and women of any age. Fortunately, eyebrow embroidery is a safe procedure for those who want to improve their facial appearance. It is also applicable for people who suffer from Alopecia, chemotherapy, Trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder) or excessive tweezing. Of course, there are some precautions for someone taking blood-thinning medications and getting pregnant because of the microblading procedure. 

Bring Some Reference 

The results are semi-permanent, so you need some preparation before the eyebrow embroidery procedure in Singapore. By preparing, it means you need to research the artist who will do your session. Is he/she certified? Can the artist make your eyebrows more complimentary to your face? 

It is advisable to bring some pictures for reference. This way, it will be easier for the artist to do the designing process. In conclusion, research about the artist and bring some reference photos. 

Prepare Your Skin 

The artist will work with your skin, so prepare it as much as possible for better results.  Avoid sun exposure before your eyebrow embroidery session. Also, do a healthy skincare routine to prepare your skin for the procedure. Arrive at your Korean eyebrow embroidery or eyebrow embroidery session, hydrated and well-rested! 

No Need to Remove Existing Eyebrows 

Most people think that they need to remove their existing eyebrows before the eyebrow embroidery session. But, fortunately, you don’t need to do it! An artist said that it is better to maintain the existing eyebrow for the designing process. They only need to remove hairs that are outside the desired shape. 

The Procedure is Fast 

Since the results are semi-permanent, the pre-planning process takes longer than the procedure itself. You need to make sure you choose a style you will like for a long time in the pre-planning stage. On your eyebrow embroidery session day, the artist will put a numbing cream around the eyebrow areas. 

Keep in mind that the entire process takes about two to three hours. However, the microblading only takes 45 minutes to an hour, depending on personal circumstances. 

It is Pain-free 

As mentioned above, the artist will put a numbing cream before the procedure. Hence, it will minimise the pain. Most people even compare it to tweezing or threading because it may feel irritating but is bearable. Remember that certified eyebrow embroidery or Korean eyebrow embroidery is safe and pain-free.  

Result Last for a Long Time 

Are you worrying that your money will not be worth the investment? Well, reconsider your options because eyebrow embroidery in Singapore can last up to two years! Also, experts recommend having a regular appointment to preserve the quality of the results.

Risks? There are Only a Few! 

Just like with any tattooing, there are some risks. However, you can prevent risks by following pre-and post-care instructions. Plus, you also have to follow proper hygiene, such as washing your face. 

Additionally, make sure that the salon observes sanitary conditions on their equipment. It is better to use disposable gloves, needles and other supplies for the eyebrow embroidery session in Singapore. Fortunately, irritations and allergies are rare, but they happen in some circumstances. Therefore, consult your doctor to know if you are eligible for Korean eyebrow embroidery or eyebrow embroidery. 

Yes, it gets better because you have the power over what people say. To continue improving yourself, you should go beyond facial appearance. If you integrate this with your eyebrow embroidery or eyelash extensions, you’ll surely gain more self-assurance and confidence. Read further to know the tips on how to improve yourself naturally.  

How-to-Bring-The-Best-Out-of-Your-Eyebrow-Embroidery-ResultsHow to Bring The Best Out of Your Eyebrow Embroidery Results

A person may or may not admit that they judge people based on their physical appearance. You might come across people who will say: “I don’t judge people.” But, in reality, they still do. Indeed, making yourself beautiful is not about impressing other people. However, it’s time to make yourself more respectable by improving your physical appearance. 

Admit it there are advantages to being physically attractive. People are kinder to you, and it’s easy to meet candidates for a date. In all honesty, beauty is all about the inside is an overrated belief. It is because nowadays you have the freedom to choose to become beautiful inside and outside. 

So, to make the most out of your eyebrow embroidery or eyelash extensions, here are the ways you can make yourself naturally beautiful. 


Drink Enough Water 

You continuously lose water when running, walking, or even eating, which means you’ll experience dehydration if you don’t drink enough water. Dehydration will drain your energy and make you look haggard, and make you feel fatigued. To keep yourself hydrated, you need to monitor your water intake. 

Hence, make an effort to drink an adequate amount of water. This way, your skin will look more hydrated and fresh! Plus, your hair will be healthier, and you will boost your energy levels. All in all, it will enhance your facial appearance! All the more with your eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extensions procedure in Singapore. 

Basic Personal Hygiene 

Men and women should practice personal hygiene! It does not make a man feminine and a woman too conscious about herself. Everyone needs to practice self-discipline when it comes to personal hygiene. You have to brush and floss your teeth regularly. Remember, if you want to bring the best out of your facial appearance, you have to consider your skin, eyes, eyebrows, teeth, etc. 

Singapore is a tropical country. Hence, it is better to take a shower every day and change clothes daily. This way, it will give you a fresh and well-groomed appearance. As a result, it will compliment the outcome from your Korean eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extensions. 

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep 

You’ve heard this many times, but this article will also say that sleep is an essential part of your overall health. Otherwise, your body will experience premature ageing. Did you know that your body generates while you’re sleeping? Yes, it restores your skin tissues, which means it makes your body look more beautiful. For adults, it is advisable to sleep for seven to eight hours a day. 

If you have enough sleep, your skill will look brighter and your body stronger. For this reason, your appearance will look well-cared. On top of that, you have your eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery in Singapore that will improve your overall appearance.

Find Your Fashion Style   

When you go out in public places, your clothes will be the first impression you’ll make. Your clothes can compliment your natural beauty. Hence, find the style that suits your personality and preference. In doing so, you’ll feel more confident and comfortable wearing the clothes you like. If you feel shy about being fashionable, bring a friend with you and let them help you choose the clothes you want. 

Are you insecure about your weight, height, skincolour or body shape? Well, fashion is one size fits all! There are clothes for petite, tall, and any body shape. There are also a variety of colours for different skin tones. It will accentuate your facial features along with the result from eyelash extensions and Korean eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. 

Maintain Your Fitness Level (Exercise and Healthy Diet)

You don’t have to look like a model when achieving a fitness level. So, plan a workout to be fit and healthy because a good figure will come naturally. Better yet, look for a fitness trainer in Singapore that can help you achieve your body goals. 

Or, if you want to save money, you can follow a fitness program online. There are exercise videos from Chloe ting, Emi Wong or Pamela Reif on Youtube. All you need to have is discipline and determination to maintain your fitness level. 

After all, a good figure can help you focus on eating a healthy diet. It can also improve facial balance because of the toned body. So, you can expect that your eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery in Singapore will look the best on your facial features. 

Show Your Best (And Unique) Features 

Everyone is born with beauty, but some people don’t put an effort to show their best and unique features. As you can see, celebrities put effort into making themselves beautiful because it is their job. 

Of course, even if you’re not a celebrity, you still have the right to make yourself beautiful. So, now, look in the mirror and find your best features. Is it your dazzling eyes or luscious lips? Maybe you have an attractive body? Don’t hide them and let the world see them! 

No one is born perfect, and it is okay to have things you don’t like about yourself. The good thing is you can improve them. For instance, you don’t like how your eyebrows look too thin. Well, find an artist who can do your Korean eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. You can also go for eyelash extensions to have attractive eyes. 

Motivate Yourself to Feel Beautiful 

As mentioned in the introduction, social media is sometimes harmful to mental health and self-image. To avoid this, you need to motivate yourself to be confident about your beauty. Another way is to practice positive affirmations every day. You can also establish a self-care routine that will remind you that you are valuable, loved and accepted. 

Also, keep on smiling! It will brighten your day and mood. After all, confidence is also about feeling beautiful. For instance, your eyelash extensions and Korean eyebrow embroidery will help you feel that you have attractive facial features.

Enhancing-Beauty-With-Aesthetic-TreatmententsEnhancing Beauty With Aesthetic Treatments

The world is full of beautiful people, and, of course, you can be one of them! It is easy to feel insecure in a society where beauty standards are strict. However, it is not always about conforming to those rules. As a unique person, you have a choice to show your best features or to hide them. If you choose to show them, it is better to follow some tips and rely on aesthetic treatments. 

People would have told you that natural beauty is better. But, have they advised that you could enhance your natural beauty? Well, society is a contradictory place. They judge people they find unattractive, but they also criticise people who find ways to be more attractive. So, you know what? Just do whatever you want! And, remember that being beautiful is also about feeling beautiful. 

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