Heavy & Excessive Snoring – When It’s More Than A Normal Nuisance

Snoring is normal. There is nothing to worry about if you end up snoring infrequently. However, it is dangerous to assume that there’s nothing inherently unusual about frequent snoring.

Heavy Snoring – More Than A Simple Nuisance?

You don’t get to seek a snoring treatment in Singapore if it is normal or a nuisance for your bed partner, right?

Unfortunately, not all people who snore at night are free from any form of illness or disease. Excessive or heavy snoring is a major symptom of obstructive sleep apnea and sometimes – other health concerns.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a form of sleeping disorder caused by a repetitive collapse in the upper airway during sleep due to a blockage, which is why there are multiple breathing gaps. It is highly recommended by health experts to see an ENT specialist in Singapore if there are any indications of sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

What Is The Cause for Snoring?

Our voluntary muscles (that support the soft tissue) are intermittently relaxed when we are sleeping – this also means that the throat is relaxing during this period. The soft tissues in the throat add the vibrating sound output.

These tissues in the muscles – when ease-out, causes the passage of the airway to be narrower or collapse – this makes the air more difficult to pass. It results in more friction within the narrowed passage – which then adds more vibration, and this is what makes us accountable for the snoring problem we experience when we sleep.

If you have suspected yourself to be a heavy snorer, it is time to consider seeking a medical professional or a sinus specialist in Singapore. They can assess and determine the exact underlying causes and provide proper treatment against excessive snoring. Snoring is a terrible sleeping habit, and it is to be blamed for countless sleepless nights, daytime drowsiness, and the inability to focus on tasks.

The Problems Of Having A Poor Sleep

Snoring can disrupt your or someone else’s sleep, and we know how much lack of sleep can impact our health. One of the most common ailments and problems associated with when you don’t get enough sleep are:

  • lack of alertness
  • impaired memory
  • high blood pressure
  • excessive daytime sleepiness or drowsiness
  • higher chance for accidents
  • less likely to participate in daily activities or poor quality of life
  • heart failure
  • moody
  • relationship stress

The lack of proper sleep can also affect our mental health. People who suffer from sleep apnea or have poor sleep are more likely to experience anxiety and depression. It can also trigger psychosis, paranoia, or make symptoms of other mental disorders much worse. It is why seeing an ear nose throat clinic in Singapore is generally advised for people who cannot sleep properly due to unrestrained snoring.

Snoring Factors


There are a lot of natural snoring remedies available in stores, and you can even buy one online. However, before you buy such products, you must visit a doctor or ask an ENT specialist in Singapore. Numerous factors contribute to your snoring issues at night. These factors are:

  • A room full of dust; It is crucial to maintain your bedroom clean and free from any dust or fur. Ensure that your room is also well-ventilated or have an air filter for higher-quality, pollutant-free air
  • Obesity or overweight; If you have a BMI (body-mass index) score of 25 and above, you generally fall under the category of overweight or obese – which is a major risk factor for sleep apnea and breathing problems. You are likely to be advised by your ENT specialist in Singapore to lose weight to reduce the severity of sleep apnea or snoring.
  • Smoking habits; Smoking can generally have a significant impact on your lungs, which makes you more prone to breathing problems and other associated disease.

Take note of the factors above – which one affects or adds up to your snoring. But no matter what remedy you choose to use on your own, it will only temporarily relieve the problem. Why? It is necessary to make a significant adjustment to your lifestyle. Also, going to an ear nose throat clinic in Singapore can make a difference since specialists can provide accurate diagnostics and proper treatment.

Natural Treatments – Does It Work?


Herbs like bromelain and other herbs and enzymes (like protease and cellulose) can improve the airflow within your nasal passage if the blockage is caused by mucus. Nonetheless, their effectiveness is not guaranteed to work at all times. A sinus specialist in Singapore can recommend one or more ways of treating the problem using devices such as a CPAP mask or a proper sleeping method.

Natural remedies such as drinking ginger and honey at least two times a day can relieve your snoring problem. Drinking virgin coconut oil can also help enhance your sleep experience and may lessen your chance of snoring. It is attributed to its lauric acid (also known as dodecanoic acid), magnesium and potassium, which are linked to help you achieve more restful sleep with its relaxing effect.

Nonetheless, be aware that you are merely treating the symptoms and not the root cause. Seeing an ENT specialist can provide you with proper treatment for the root cause of your snoring problem rather than seek a DIY treatment.

The Bottom Line

Remember that stress, smoking, being overweight or obese are prime risk factors for sleep apnea or excessive snoring. Making a huge step for adjusting to your lifestyle and visiting an ENT or sinus specialist in Singapore is both a lifesaver – not just against heavy snoring issues but also for your physical and mental health in the long run. While natural remedies can provide temporary relief, so long as you follow the proper intake, it is nothing but a short-term remedy for a potential chronic persisting problem.

So, never ignore your or your partner’s snoring. It can be a warning sign for an underlying problem.

If you are looking for professional snoring treatment in Singapore, visit the ENT Surgeons website for more details.