Get Educated on Baccarat Rules and Appealing Odds

Baccarat is a card game that attracts high rollers and even players with an average bankroll. Today, baccarat has been simplified and the house edge is relatively lower than other casino games. Big land casinos have three types of Baccarat tables. The large table is for high stakes, and a maximum of 14 players can be accommodated at a single time. There is the mini and midi baccarat table outlay that is similar, but players that can participate are 7 and 9 respectively.

How cards get dealt with?

Baccarat game is played between a player and a dealer. The latter deals the cards to the mass players and every round of Baccarat game has 3 possible outcomes – the dealer wins, the player wins, or a tie. The main aim of the player is to make a high score than the dealer.

The caller puts two cards with face turned down under the shoe. The player with the biggest wager also gets two cards with face turned down. He looks at the cards and returns them to the dealer. The dealer turns the card and another dealer announces the total.

There are two dealers on either side of the table. The dealer can request a 3rd card. He even pays the winning bets. Remember, the dealer is not responsible for any player’s financial losses.

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Baccarat rules

The baccarat rules are easy even for new players. In a standard game, eight decks of cards are used.

  • Cards value – All the face cards and 10s are valued at ‘zero’, so they don’t make any contribution to the end score. The aces get valued at 1 and the number cards from 2 to 9 have the same value.
  • Cut card – The cut card gets placed sixteen cards from below of the shoe. When the cut card appears, the dealer has to deal the last round before beginning with the new shoe.
  • Place a bet – The players will bet on any one of the three options – player, banker, and a tie. [depending on the table a player can bet on banker]
  • Dealing and winning – The caller gives two cards to the banker [another dealer] and two cards to all the players. When the total score of the player’s card is greater than the dealer, the player wins but if the banker’s cards add to a higher score than the player will lose his wagering cash.
  • Tie – When the total score of the player and dealer is the same, then there is a tie. No money won or lost!
  • Hit & stand – Hit means asking for a new card and stand means sticking with current cards and end with that score.

How to bet odds in Baccarat?

Odds in betting mean the chances of win or loss against the house. Baccarat has a low house edge –

  • On Banker bet = 1.06%
  • On Player bet = 1.36%
  • On tie bets = 14.4%

Odds of players hand –

  • To win = 44.62%
  • To lose = 45.85%
  • To tie = 9.53%

If the odds of tie bets are not included, the banker has 51% winning odds every time. Never underestimate the 5% commission players need to pay the house. Never bet on the tie because as per calculations 49.32% players win the non-tie bets, while 50.68% is won by the banker.