DOTA 2: How did it begin?

It’s easy to say that the extraordinary number of personalities in Dota 2 is what permits it to succeed, but that is hardly enough.

Since 2011, Dota 2’s player base has been growing year by year, which can mean that it is consistently becoming more and more attractive as a game through the years. We have found out 5 important events for each year which pushed Dota 2 forward. Find the easiest interface for playing at

(2011) The International with a 1 million-dollar prize pool, organized

The first International set the tone right for Dota 2 eSports to move forward from.

Using the age-won pride of an invite-heavy tournament as a springboard, Valve hit the eSports scene hard with a prize pool that was totally unheard of from a developer-sponsored tournament.

The winning team, Navi, became overnight successful and Dota 2’s eSports darling.The acceptance gained from Ti propelled Dota 2 into the eSports arena amongst titles such as Starcraft, Quake, and Counter Strike.

In 2012 worked together with Perfect World to bring Dota 2 to China

It might be common sense to go into China as it boasts the biggest local market in the world, but that wasn’t actually the case back in 2012. Valve took a risk due to the poor IP protection laws in China at the time, which means that copycats could immediately pop up.

To this, any IP concerns were proved as several Chinese mobile games and Dota-esque spin offs emerged and became very popular.

(2013) Introducing Crowdfunded Prize Pools

Video games that would only exist in dreams, AAA or indie, were being given the money to be realized. The compendium permits the Dota 2 fan base to really feel like a part of the community and it was Valve’s litmus test.

(2014) The Free to Play Documentary

Free to Play told us about the struggles and the realities behind such a misunderstood career. Free to Play, to me, is something gamers can show to people who are too impatient to be introduced to the games we play.

(2015) The Dota 2 Majors

Similar to baseball or football leagues, the important Series was a mirror of League of Legends’ own plethora of circuits and leagues all over the world. Implemented with open qualifiers in mind, this essential series was quite literally a golden ticket for any competitive gamer in a qualifier region to try their hand against any international competition.