Declutter Your Laundry Room With These Easy Steps

The laundry room can easily become cluttered up, with lots of clothes waiting to be washed, dried, ironed or folded everywhere, as well as all the laundry clutter of detergents and the ironing board. Keeping the space tidy and organised will make doing laundry much easier. 

Take Out The Trash

Start by looking around the room for anything that hasn’t made it to the bin. Laundry rooms often end up full of empty detergent containers that you put to one side inside of into the recycling bin or broken hangers that never got thrown away. Get rid of all these things so you’re starting clean. 


Laundry rooms are often home to all kinds of random items that don’t belong there. Find a more appropriate home for the children’s PE kits, your gardening tools or the garden toys. If you need more space to store things, consider self storage for out of season items. Find a handy storage unit by searching ‘storage near me’. 

Decluttering gives you a space to fold laundry without having to move things out of the way and keeps the space much tidier. 

Streamline Your Laundry Products

Lots of us have more laundry products than we really need taking up space. Instead of trying to find space to keep multiple speciality products, choose one detergent that works well for a wide range of fabrics. Use baking soda or distilled white vinegar in the washing machine to soften clothes instead of using fabric softener or dryer sheets. 

Make A Line And Folding Space

Not all your clothes can straight into the dryer after being washed. Instead of having clothes everywhere waiting to be dried and sorted, put a wall-mounted or freestanding drying rack somewhere in the laundry room. A retractable clothesline mounted to the wall is really handy, as you can get it out of the way when you’re not using it. As you take things out of the washing machine, sort them into line dry or machine dry and hang things on the drying rack as you go. 

Next, make a designated space for folding. A counter or table that is left clear is fine or this. If your washing machine is front loading, then a counter over the top is an easy place to add a space for folding up the dry clothes and that are ready to be put away. You can also use this space for ironing if you’re really pressed for space and don’t have space for a proper ironing board. 

Create A Place For Everything

Make sure everything has a proper place to be put away when you don’t need it, whether it’s your detergent or your drying rack. Cabinets, storage boxes or a small set of free-standing drawers work well for storing things like detergents, the iron, the pegs for the washing line outside and anything else you might need. 

After using the laundry room, spend a few minutes putting everything away into its designated place, so everything is tidy and ready for you next time.