Childcare Tips: Taking Your Little One To The ENT Clinic

Taking a child to an ENT clinic in Singapore can be challenging for the parents. They need to manage their behaviour because a medical facility is not an area for playing. Another is to keep their calm because kids can literally suck all the patience you have left.

This article is not a parenting guide nor a write-up to make you feel bad for the lack of disciplinarian skills. Here are some tips you should follow to make things easier.


The ENT doctor in Singapore will not wait for you in case of sudden changes in your schedule or other circumstances. Also, consider situations like your kid acting up when getting dressed or they do not like their breakfast. In this case, prepare earlier than usual to make room for these things, but of course, try to prevent them if possible.


You have a personal schedule to consider because your kid might be going to school or you have a corporate job during weekdays. With this, visit the ear nose throat clinic in Singapore at your preferred time to prevent issues. For instance, if your child is available after 3 PM on weekdays, you schedule according to that. (Tip: Do this early to prevent mixing up some things.)


Waiting for an ENT specialist in a clinic in Singapore can take a few minutes to hours, and it is not easy if you have a child in tow. Be patient with them, and prevent your emotions from getting ahead of you before you do something regrettable.


In case your child is acting up or becoming unruly for no reason, send your apologies to people around you or the ENT doctor. You do not want to be that parent who does not consider the presence of other people in the room.

Dr Jenica Yong is an ENT doctor in Singapore who deals with children and adults. Visit her website to book an appointment.