Childcare Software with Perfect Options for You Now

Childcare is a lever for children, they can fully develop their physical, emotional and social development. For parents, childcare means an opportunity to participate in society and to develop a personal network. In childcare, attention is also paid to the relationship between parents and children, because parents and children who feel good grow together.

To offer opportunities in a diverse society, broad accessibility is a condition. Childcare facilities deliberately have a low threshold and specifically target disadvantaged groups. Facilities pay attention to affordability and work on a cost-conscious policy. It is a continuous balancing act to strive for financial viability and not to lose sight of the social function. Facilities make creative choices in the function of social policy in a resilient and viable organization. The attendance tracker app works perfectly for the children.

Proper Attention

Attention is paid to accessibility and availability, both physically and geographically and on a relational level. Understandability is an asset, intelligible language in both Dutch and for non-native speakers is important.

This accessibility is not limited to the doorbut goes further into the pedagogical and social functioning. In a continuous learning process, people actively search for possible thresholds and take actions to lower these thresholds. Key concepts here are participation and empowerment. Be it after school pick up or any other task, the app helps you out perfectly.

Neighborhood-oriented work and local cooperation

Accessibility is strengthened by, among other things, careful attention to external relationships and the local networks that are being developed to realize social childcare. Daycare facilities take the initiative to establish contact and cooperation with guidesso that accessibility for disadvantaged groups can be increased. With the use of the childcare software, this is a perfect deal now.

  • Facilities show themselves in their neighborhood, they make contacts and reach out to families and neighborhood organizations. This makes their strengths visible and they are a trusted player in the local environment. By approaching with open arms and taking part in community life, people lower the threshold and radiate the social and pedagogical vision. Recognizing ability and involvement in the neighborhood ensures networking and cooperation, synergy and togetherness. They inspire and are inspired.

Local cooperation is sought to arrive at a joint vision of the importance of childcare (economic, pedagogical and social function).

There is sufficient evidence of the importance of good quality for the development of children in the long term. Conversely, unfortunately, there is a connection: poor childcare is damaging. Not surprising, because children undergo an enormous evolution in their development in their first years of life. Scientific research also shows the importance of the first years of life. And just in this period, one in two of our children goes to daycare. Good pedagogical quality is therefore not a luxury, but a necessity.

More support and a clear framework

The measurement of pedagogical quality does not come out of the blue. In 2014, the new decree ‘care of babies and toddlers’ was already very explicit about the pedagogical function of childcare. Every daycare was commissioned toguarantee that quality. The inspectorate also checked them for this and reception facilities received extra resources. The main aim was that no childcare would work in isolation, without pedagogical support.