ChaavuKabaruChallaga That Makes You Gasp With Surprise Every Second

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It is a Telugu language movie that shows a funeral car driver who helps a widow get over her tragedy but eventually falls in love with her. Later, he finds out about the affair of his mother with another man. He also confronts his love for the widow. The plot takes surprising turns of events from here.

The movie was released after a reschedule program due to the pandemic. It was released on 19 March 2021 and now streaming on online platforms like the Aha. The film has been directed by PegallaptiKoushik, who is considered one of the best directors of the Telugu film industry. The director ensured the optimum utilization of resources and talents to make an entertaining yet romantic intense movie with a drama that can connect to the audience. The film is produced under a single production unit named G2 Pictures, run and owned by Bunny Vasu and Allu Aravind. The movie features some of the recognized talents of the industry. The cast includes KartikeyaGummakonda as the lead actor for the role of Balaraju and LavanyaTripathi as a lead actress for the role of Mallika. The supporting actor and actresses of the film involve Murali Sharma as Shekhar Samuel or Mallika’s father-in-law, Aamani portrays Gangamma or Balaraju’s mother, Rajitha as Mallika’s mother-in-law, and so on.

The movie is about a boy named Balaraju who drives a funeral car in Vizag. He lives with his mother, Gangamma, and his bedridden father. On a sudden day, Balaraju meets Mallika in her house while taking her husband’s body to the cemetery. Despite the unfavorable circumstances, he helped Mallika move on from the past tragedy and be happy in life. With passing time, he fell in love with Mallika. Later on, he wants Mallika to consider marrying and spend life with him. Things start to take great turns when Mallika’s father-in-law gets to know about their conversions and gets a hint of what’s going.

Meanwhile, Balaraju finds out about his mother, Gangamma, with another man named Mohan, who loved his mother unconditionally for several years despite being rejected. Balaraju talks with her mother about the affair and realizes her reasons and loneliness she has been going through for so many years. He feels his mother’s heartbreak and needs a companion with whom she can share her thoughts. He decides to get them tied in the knot of marriage until fate changes their destiny.

From the second half of the film, things will become much more intense and surprising every second, keeping the viewers engaged throughout the movie. To know the complete story, watch it on the Aha app. You can also watch Telugu movies online that are similar to this film on the OTT platform of the Aha app.