Certain Prevalent Myths related to Indonesian Online Casinos

Hey Family!! Well, we all know how fast this online gambling industry is growing and, at that pace, we can judge it will move even faster in the coming years. Isn’t it? This online gambling industry is booming across the world in several countries, such as Las Vegas, Singapore, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, etc. But do you have any idea of how fast Indonesian casinos are growing? Well, if you have no idea about it, let us tell you that online casinos in Indonesia are very popular for the different types of games they provide. The favorite game of players who follow Indonesian casinos is online poker. Along with the favoritism, online poker brings some myths too with it. Let us jump on to that.

Myths related to Indonesian online Poker

Well, we are all familiar with how this online gambling industry works and it’s been years that certain myths have been prevailing about the industry, but have you ever come across myths related to a specific game and a specific country? If not, then here they are for the most loved game, Indonesian online poker.

  • It is believed that the Indonesian casino websites are not protected or secure and so the games being played are also not safe which is completely false. Rajawaliqq is the best Indonesian website that has encrypted systems installed and hence, cannot be hacked.
  • Certain people have made up their minds that the Indonesian casinos do not offer the great variety of poker that the other countries’ casinos provide. This is also completely false, as Indonesian websites have a complete range of online poker, such as Omaha, Texas Hold’em, Video Poker, etc.
  • This myth is quite funny, which states that Indonesian online casinos are open only to the people who reside in Indonesia. We all know how far this industry has come from being land-based to online. In this online world, there are no defined boundaries. So, anyone from any country with any citizenship can play in Indonesian online casinos.
  • All the players involved in this gambling industry do have the fear of being scammed or the website not providing lucid payment methods. Well, this is not the case with Indonesian casinos. The payment methods, including the deposits and withdrawals for online poker and several other games, are transparent and commendable. So, you must not choose to worry about the same.
  • Some people believe that, because of the language barrier, they can’t try their hands in Indonesian casinos. Well, that is completely false because Google provides you with the option of translating the page into English. If you face any issue with the language, you can choose to translate it into English.


If you are with the right casino, then your money will never be at stake. Rajawaliqq is among those casinos where you need not worry about anything, as the customer service, variety of games, payment methods, and all other things in this casino is incredible.