Cake 101: Which Type Of Cake Is The Right One For You?

Cakes have been a part of many celebrations. From the first month of the baby to commemorate the memories of our dead loved ones, an occasion is never complete without a cake. Apart from being a celebration commodity, cakes can now be eaten on ordinary days. Whether you are craving sweet pastries or want a dessert, you can now order this pastry in a birthday cake shop in Singapore with just a single click.

The history of cakes dates back centuries ago, from ordinary bakeshop pastry to the lavish food of the elites. But it was the West that popularised the cake as a staple food for occasions. Today, many types of cake have been invented. The Asians have their own cake variation using the ingredient abundant in the region– rice.

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5 Most Common Cake Types You Can Find In Any Bake Shop

Generally, there are two main types of cakes: butter cake and foam cake. Many cakes have branched out from these two main types and are now being enjoyed by many globally. Even a birthday cake shop in Singapore serves innovative versions of these ordinary cakes.

Here are the most common cake types in Singapore:

Butter Cake

Butter cake is one of the main types of cakes. Butter cake or shortened cake is the standard cake we are all familiar with. Named after their ingredient, butter cakes have a soft, moist, and non-sticky pastry texture. The bread or the pastry of the cake is firm and does not break apart, yet soft enough to slice and chew. Butter cakes usually have a sweet and blended flavour. The main ingredients of butter cake are butter, sugar, flour, eggs, and baking powder.

Butter cake was invented accidentally by a German-American baker in South St. Louis, Missouri, in the 1930s. A product of a measurement mistake, butter cakes became a sought-after pastry in the area during the Depression.

Today, butter cakes have branched out different varieties like chocolate cake, marble cake, and honey butter cake. Vegan versions of butter cake are also served in vegan cake delivery in Singapore.

Pound Cake

Pound cake got its wholesome name from how it is made. The main ingredients of pound cake are a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, a pound of flour, and a pound of eggs– hence its name. A pound cake typically weighs four pounds.

Because of the ingredient ratio, pound cakes are known to be highly dense. They usually have no fillings, frostings, and layers. Because pound cakes are served plainly, the flavour relies on the bread itself and thin glazing on top.

Pound cake is said to have originated in Northern Europe during the 18th century. In France, “quatre quarts” is the name for pound cake, referring to the ratio of its ingredients.

Today, many people who prefer lighter cakes modified this iconic ingredient ratio. Bakers introduced new flavour and aroma extracts to provide a variety of taste to these plain cakes.

One best example of a new variation of pound cakes today is fruit cakes. Bananas and berries are the most common ingredient for fruit cakes. These vegan fruit cakes are available invegan cake delivery in Singapore.

Foam Cake

Foam cake is one of the main types of cake. What makes it distinct from the butter cake is its main ingredient. Although butter and foam cake almost share the same component, foam cake uses a large portion of foamed egg whites, which give its light cake consistency.

Unlike butter cakes that use shortening ingredients like oil, butter, and baking soda, foam cakes rely on fat found in the eggs. The consistency of foam cake is light and airy, unlike dense butter cake. They can be a bit crumbly and are not good at holding themselves very well. Because of the delicate consistency, foam cakes cannot support heavy frosting and cake decorations well.

Many pieces of bread and small-served pastries available in abirthday cake shop in Singapore are types of foam cakes.

Sponge Cake

Sponge cake is one of the most popular varieties of foam cakes. Sponge cakes are almost available to every country around the world. Like foam cakes, sponge cake does not rely on any shortening ingredients, including oil, butter, baking powder or baking soda. Its main components are foamed or beaten egg whites, sugar, and flour.

Similar to foam cake, sponge cake has a light and airy texture. Its texture can be crumbly and soft. Sponge cake got its name from its ability to absorb syrup; however, its wobbly structure cannot support heavy frosting.

Sponge cake is believed to have originated in Italy and became popular in Europe, specifically in England and France during the Renaissance period. In the 19th century, sponge cake became popular overseas.

Sponge cakes may have a different appearance depending on the place. Sponge cakes in roll forms are commonly found in abirthday cake shop and patisserie in Singapore.

Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake is another famous variety of foam cake. You can also find a chiffon cake in anybirthday cake shop in Singaporebecause of its popularity, especially during the last decade.

Chiffon cake has few distinctions from its close relative, sponge cake. While sponge cake relies on the fat found in the eggs as shortening ingredients, chiffon cake uses baking powder. It also includes vegetable oil and egg yolks in the components. These two ingredients make chiffon cake moister and softer compared to the dry and crumbly consistency of sponge cake.

Chiffon cake originated in Los Angeles, United States of America, in 1927. The light, moist, and richer flavour of chiffon cake has won the hearts of many Americans during that period.

Chiffon cakes may use different flavour extracts as an option for plain ones. Because chiffon cakes are sturdier compared to sponge cake, they can withstand thin frosting and fillings.

You can buy plain, lemon, mocha, and other flavoured chiffon cake at a birthday cake shop and patisserie in Singapore.

Must-Try Modern Cake Varieties Trending Today


If you want to stay away from the classic butter cake and sponge cake and try something new, you must try these trending cakes today! Visit your nearest birthday cake shop in Singapore and look for afresh cream cake!

Hyper-Realistic Cake Sculptures

Hyper-realistic cake sculptures are cakes that depict real-life images. Compared to ordinary layered cakes that are often in round and rectangular shapes, hyper-realistic cakes’ shapes differ depending on the image or item they are imitating.

Apart from baking, creating a hyper-realistic cake requires expert skill in sculpture and painting to create a flawless and realistic 3D imitation of an everyday object. Hence, making a hyper-realistic cake sculpture a work of art.

Hyper-realistic cake can be an edible bust sculpture, a replica of an object like a camera and computers, animals, piñata, and everything under the sun.

Hyper-realistic cakes can be butter cakes, foam cakes, sponge, and chiffon, depending on the clients’ and hyper-realistic cake artist’s choice.

Creating hyper-realistic cakes takes longer than ordinary cakes. They can be more expensive as well. However, finding abirthday cake shop in Singapore that can make hyper-realistic cakes can be difficult.

Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cake is a combination of ice cream and moist and light cake, like sponge or foam cakes. Typically, ice cream cakes are composed of a layer of cake and a layer of ice cream. While the sponge or foam cake is baked the same way, soft ice cream is moulded in a cake tin.

Ice cream originated during the Victorian period in the 19th century. It is assumed to be the evolution of another popular dessert called trifle. Trifle is a dessert where a homemade cream layer tops a biscuit layer.

Today, celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries often have ice cream cake as an alternative to the traditional cake. Many ice cream parlours and bakeshops globally offer ice cream cake, making the extra sweet treat widely available.

However, unlike traditional cakes, ice cream cake requires more care by keeping it refrigerated to prevent melting.

If you are looking for an ice cream cake, call your nearest ice cream parlour or birthday cake shop in Singapore.

Fresh Cream Cake

A sponge cake frosted with fresh cream is called afresh cream cake. The distinction between this cake and ordinary cakes is the kind of cream used for the ganache.

Commonly, bakers use heavy cream and whip cream for their cakes, whereas fresh cream cake uses fresh cream. Heavy cream, whip cream, and fresh cream can be identified by their milk fat content.

Usually, heavy cream has more than 36% milk fat content, giving its dense and firm consistency. Meanwhile, whip cream has a milk fat content between 30% to 35%. Although whip cream has a firm texture, it loses its shape faster than heavy cream. Whip cream is softer and lighter than heavy cream.

On the other hand, fresh cream only has a 25% milk fat content. Fresh cream is usually a thickening ingredient in cooked dishes and beverages. The fresh cream is not really suitable for cakes; it is now being used as a thin frosting on sponge cakes; thus,fresh cream cake. You can look for afresh cream cake invegan cake delivery in Singapore.

Flourless Cake

One of the pillar ingredients of cake is the flour; however, flourless cake defies this staple component. Egg foams, butter, and different creams substitute the flour and make up the “cake” of this dessert. Flourless cake has two types: baked and unbaked.

The flourless cake came from Italy’s Island of Capri. Legends are surrounding the origin of flourless cake. It is believed that Neopolitan chefs tried to make Sacher cake using improvised ingredients to give to King of Naplesho’s wife. The result of the improvisation is the Caprese Torta or the flourless cake.

The distinct characteristic of flourless cake is that it is usually a chocolate cake. Today, flourless cakes may come in vanilla and almond flavours. This cake is quite popular with people who want gluten-free cakes. That is why somevegan cake delivery services in Singapore have this cake.

The Stories and Explanation Behind These Pop-Culture Cake Superstitions


Why do people light up and blow candles on birthday cakes?

Whenever we buy a birthday cake in a pastry shop in Singapore, we always include candles and sparklers. This tradition is believed to have originated in Ancient Greek culture. Historians believe that lighting up a candle on a cake is ancient Greek’s way to pay tribute and honour to Artemis, goddess of moon and hunt. Ancient Greeks believed that the smoke from the candles sends their wishes to the goddess.

Some also claim that the tradition started in Germany, where the candles symbolise the “light of life.”

Why do people make a wish when blowing a birthday cake candle?

Tracing back from the ancient Greek’s tradition, the smoke carries their wishes to the Greek moon goddess Artemis. Some also believe that the smoke ward off evil spirits.

Several cultures have created their own rules when making a wish. Some people believe that the wish should be made in just one breath, while others claim that the celebrant should make a silent wish or otherwise it will not come true.

Why is cutting the cake essential?

Cake cutting is perhaps one of the ceremonial activities at weddings and birthdays. For weddings, cutting the cake symbolises the bride’s submission to her groom, according to ancient Roman tradition. It also represents the end of the bride’s purity. You can still cut your fresh cream cake on ordinary days.

Why are wedding cakes always three-tier cakes?

Have you ever wondered why wedding cakes are always tall? Commonly, wedding cakes should have three tiers. Traditionally, the largest tier or the bottom tier is served to the guests, while the second tier or the middle tier is for distribution after the event. The smallest and topmost tier will be for the newlywed couple. Couples can still break this tradition and order a single tier cake from vegan cake delivery in Singapore.

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