Birthday Cakes: How it All Started

Every time someone’s birthday comes up, we always make sure to prepare a cake. It is a tradition that we practise until today. Since it became a staple treat during birthdays, you can now even find some cake shops online. As you found yourself ordering a cake, aren’t you wondering why you should even bother getting one? Why is it so important that it’s like your birthday is not complete without a cake? There must have been some kind of origin, right?

Brief History of Birthday Cakes

The tradition started during the ancient times. It was the people of Ancient Greece that came up with the idea of preparing a cake and putting a candle on it. It was done for the sole purpose of honouring the goddess of the moon, Artemis. The candles represent the light of the moon, and blowing them signifies that their wishes will be sent towards the skies in which it is where the gods and goddesses reside. This could be the reason why we always make a wish before we blow the candle. 

Some scholars also discovered that the tradition of preparing a birthday cake was first practised by Germans too during the 18th century. However, cakes back then were as simple as a loaf of bread. It will only be a birthday cake if there is a candle on top. The candle will be lit because it is believed to be the light of life. Part of the tradition of the Greeks is to leave the light burning in the candle until the birthday party is over. This also means that no one is allowed to eat the cake underneath the candle. It should be saved right after eating dinner. 

Even though the concept started centuries ago, it didn’t become popular not until the Industrial Revolution. It is because the ingredients for making the cake back then were so expensive. You will discover that only the nobility or the upper class had the privilege to prepare a birthday cake. When the Industrial Revolution started, the ingredients became more affordable, thus some bakeshops are now offering ready-made cakes. 

Birthday Cakes Nowadays

Fast forward today, the celebration of birthdays is more than just having to order a cake online. Families and friends of the celebrant will now sing “Happy Birthday”, and the number of candles is associated with the age of the celebrant. Moreover, the practice of making a wish before blowing the candle has been retained. There is just a little change in which the celebrant must not tell their wish to others or else, it will not come true. Although birthday parties are different in every culture, these practices are common ones. 

Order a Birthday Cake Online: Tips & Tricks

Now that you have known the history of birthday cakes, it now makes more sense to get one for your loved ones’ special day. It is not just a blind tradition that we are following. So, don’t hesitate to order a cake online. In Singapore, some patisseries are offering online deliveries of their desserts, so it’s more convenient. If you are not sure what type of birthday cake should you buy, then consider following some of these helpful tips: 


  • Consider Your Budget


In Singapore, handmade birthday cakes are not cheap. Of course, you would be paying for both the ingredients and the time spent in decorating it to make it look like a masterpiece! You wouldn’t want to settle with a simple cake, do you? If it is for your special someone, you want the best cake for them! However, it is important to take into consideration your budget. Try to look for something affordable, and at the same time, presentable. 


  • Look for a Trustworthy Bakery


If you decide to buy from an online cake shop, then you should take some time to do some research about the bakeshop. You will not be able to see the pastries and desserts yourself, so it is difficult to assess whether the bakeshop is trustworthy or not. One way you can find out is to check out their website and read some reviews about them. You can also ask some of your friends and family if they have tried ordering from them before. 


  • Match it with the Concept of the Birthday Party


Before planning a birthday party, you probably have thought of a theme first, right? Thinking of a theme makes parties more fun and memorable. So, if you did, then you can just pick a cake that matches the theme of the birthday party. Look for cakes that have colours which go with the theme. 


  • Know the Celebrant’s Preferences


One of the easiest ways to choose a birthday cake is to ask what the celebrant likes. Get to know what their favourite flavours and colours are. Also, see to it that the celebrant doesn’t have any food allergies. Fortunately, you can now find some online cake shops that take into consideration the major food allergens in making their cakes and pastries. You can ask for their help of what type of cake would be suitable for anyone who has allergies. Their patisseries will be willing to assist you. 

Make your special someone’s birthday more special by ordering a cake online! If you haven’t found a bakeshop yet, then you may want to consider checking out BelltonPatissiere. Not only do they have artisanal cakes, but they also offer other goodies and desserts like macarons and cookies!