AppLock Go – Gallery Lock

The threats of breaching one’s personal data and social inequality have grown along with connection and information availability. Because it provides you the ability to control your identity, of course many of your intimate data, and personal data, internet privacy is crucial.

The absence of this kind of control, will allow someone with the right resources and will to do so may use your identity to further their own interests, whether that be to defraud you of your money or offer you a more costly vacation. Therefore, ensuring your safety and the security of your very personal data when using technology, especially the internet, is absolutely crucial.

With the development of many social media apps, all of us love to take pictures of ourselves and our gallery is indeed full of your photos! And needless to say, that the chats on our communication apps are also super personal to us. Therefore, if you need to ensure the safety of these media files along with your chats, your apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, snapchat, SMS, contacts, Instagram, need to be private at all times. With the right app lock, you can ensure the safety of this all! Therefore, the AppLock Go app has been developed to safeguard your gallery and other apps on your device at all times.

About AppLock Go APK

The app comprises of the ability to add locks such as fingerprints, patterns, and passwords to protect your gallery and screen. The AppLock Go app comes with other interesting features as well. You can now get a close look at who is intrude your device and your personal information because the app will take a selfie of the intruder who is meddling with your device once, they do so.

This way, you will know who your nosey neighbours and friends are. You can also add a screen lock time so that it prevents your screen from getting locked when you need it the most. The secure vault feature on the app also allows you to hide your files and pictures at ease if you do not want them to be out there in the open.

There are many tools that has extra features with App locker. Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, Phone Master and AVG Cleaner comes with all most all the features required to optimize your Android phone with security features like virus cleaner, app locker and etc. You can install Clean Master app from AC Market app store for free.

The app also comes with a secure browser so that you can browse while keeping your search history a secret at all times. And guess what, nobody even needs to know you’re using the AppLock Go app because it has the ability to mask itself with a different app’s icon and stay hidden in your device.

Not only does the app provide you with security, but it also offers you RAM cleaner and battery optimisation features to help obtain the best performance of your device at all times.

You can now sit back and relax while you enjoy the best version of your device while keeping all of your information safe and secure. Stay away from intruders and keep your privacy ensured at all times. Do not hesitate to make the best out of the app because AppLock Go has got it all!

Download AppLock Go apk

This is a free Android apps and gallery locker app. You can install or download apk file from AC Market app store. AC Market is like Play Store on many Android phones. No need to register or login to install apps on AC Market app store. Just install and discover free apps and games on AC Market apk.