An Opportunity for Online Live Broadcasting in Sports?

For a long period of time, traditional sporting events have largely relied on the widespread use of broadcasting rights through TV to find much of their viewership, and it has become commonplace that many sports are tied behind a specific channel subscription or similar, with online broadcasting optionsthat remains tied behind a similar paywall, but is now the time for a universal change for live broadcasting options to become more widely available? Particularly in the face of success from other sporting events that occupy a similar space.

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The big winner over the past few years has certainly been seen within esports as viewing numbers begin to surge and swell, and whilst much of this success has been due to the growing audience that have become attracted to esports titles, much of it is also due to the ease of accessibility afforded from the way streaming platforms work – the biggest being Twitch, but more recently YouTube has also jumped on board, but by allowing all of the big events for all of the esports titles to be streamed for free, live, and with little to no restriction. It shows not only how successful the approach is, but and how needed it may be moving forward – with other markets becoming intertwined a little such as betting, with many big esports events finding this side of sporting becoming more available too, and if you want to support events then go to to find the best options available.

Similar has been shown for traditional titles as some platforms such as Amazon have picked up the rights for certain sports broadcasting, although tied behind a small paywall, it is also a regular used service that has use outside of just the broadcasting option – with similar dedicated services being phased out as cable cutting and subscription trimming have become more prevalent, it begs the question of just how much longer can traditional sporting survive relying solely on television broadcasting without the support from a broader free option, particularly when it has been shown to be so successful not only in other sporting, but also within the same.

There are certainly many considerations to be made, and many changes likely within the near future – whether or not this will take the view of some universal sports streaming service similar to what was offered by the likes of wrestling and the wrestling experience channel, or even more of a shift towards free options through the likes of Twitch, but if anything has been shown, it’s that even without relying on the big revenue from television deals, streaming can boost viewership by a huge margin as esports has quickly begun to outpace the biggest competition, and shows no signs of slowing down.