9 Signs That You Should Visit A Podiatrist Soon

Was there a time that your foot suddenly aches and you can’t seem to bear the pain in an instant? Well, such incidents are quite unusual since your leg and feet are usually left unnoticed. But why would you ignore these essential body parts if most of your daily activities are dependent on them? Moreover, you should schedule regular visits to a podiatry clinic to ensure they are always in their optimal conditions.

However, when would be the best time to visit a reliable podiatry centre in Singapore? Here are some common telltale signs that you should immediately book an appointment with your foot doctor to prevent any of your conditions from worsening:

Sudden Foot Pain

It is one of the most common feet discomforts reported in many podiatry clinics in Singapore today. You may have already expected this since Singaporeans are known walkers in the region. You can almost see jam-packed streets with people doing their errands or catching their daily commute. Moreover, they tend to choose to stroll for a healthier and eco-friendly option.

Thus, experiencing any sudden foot pain is not new among locals and event tourists in the region. You must schedule an appointment with a trusted podiatrist when you feel a jolt in any of your feet. Consider this as a serious matter as it may lead to more severe feet issues.

Aside from the pain, you must also check for any unexpected numbness or swelling in your foot. It may be more surprising if they suddenly manifest with no apparent reasons to have caused them. Let your podiatry clinic assess these conditions soon and forego your home remedies in the meantime.

Immediate Joint Ache

Do you notice those bones in your foot and toes that seem to connect each part with the rest? Those are your feet joints, and you may also feel sudden strains around those areas. You may attribute it with arthritis, but if you don’t have any history of this condition, then you must have it checked to the nearest podiatry centre in your area.

Your foot doctor may initially prescribe you with anti-inflammatory medications to alleviate the pain. Though, if the discomfort persists after several days or weeks, then you should revisit your podiatrists to consider other treatment options. They may advise you to either take higher doses of ibuprofen and aspirin or do a different medication plan to treat your condition.

Persistent Heel Pain

On the other hand, if you recently hurt your foot from any accident or injury, and the pain still lingers even though you’re taking medications, then contact your podiatry clinic immediately. It may be unconventional to feel any persisting foot or heel pain if you’re doing the right treatments. They may require you to visit them soon to do another set of tests and examinations.

These may include x-rays and physical assessments to determine the cause of your enduring discomfort. Inform your podiatrist of other pain you’re experiencing to get an accurate diagnosis. Ensure that they complete your full assessment and prescribe a long-term plan to treat your injury.

Calluses and Corns

Other than your discomfort and injuries, podiatrists can also treat feet disorders like calluses and corns. You may determine such condition by feeling your sole or toes for any thickened skin. These are dead skin that may cause minimal numbness and are often left untreated.

However, it may lead to severe pain around the affected area when the skin becomes too dense and too thick. Your podiatrist may prescribe you medications to ease the pain and to soothe your hardened skin. They can also remove the dead skin to alleviate your condition.

Fungal Infections

You may also experience infections on your toenails that cause discomfort and pain every time you wear your closed footwear. It may be caused by any self-inflicted wound or by your local nail specialist. You must schedule a trip to a podiatry centre in Singapore that offers treatments for such infections.

They may provide you with medications to relieve your unbearable discomfort. They can also do surgical operations to remove the source of the infection and prevent it from affecting your other nails. Ask your podiatrist of the best treatment option to cure your condition and save your toenails.

Athlete’s Foot

Another foot infection you must be wary of is your bothering athlete’s foot. Forget about the misconception that it can only infect sporty people since everyone can be affected by this fungal infection. You may treat it with over-the-counter ointments or creams. However, contact your podiatrist if it recurs and even gets worse.

They may prescribe you with more dosages of fungal creams and sprays or require you to take some oral medications to treat the infection. You may also be scheduled for further assessments and examinations to determine the cause of your pestering foot condition.

Ingrown Toenails

Aside from infections, podiatry clinics can also treat and remove your ingrown toenail. They initially offer medications to ease the pain. Then they’ll assess your condition again if it will still require a surgical procedure.n

You can go straight to your podiatrist as they offer a safer and less painful ingrown toenail removal procedure. Skip your plans of visiting a nail salon to have it removed. Most importantly, never attempt to remove it by yourself.


Are you familiar with this condition? Try checking your foot for any bump near your big toe. You may regard it as a normal bone protruding outside your toe, but it can be painful when it gets larger and left untreated. You must schedule an appointment with your podiatrist in Singapore and have it checked.

They will do a series of x-rays and diagnosis to determine the cause of the protrusion. Then they will decide the suitable treatment for your bunion problem depending on its severity. Your podiatry clinic may do surgical procedures to correct this unwanted toe bulge.


Lastly, you must do regular check-ups with your podiatrist if you’re diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. You should schedule this at least once a year to reduce your risks of foot problems, infections, and ulcers. Prevent these complications from manifesting by visiting a reputable podiatry centre in Singapore like ECPC (KP). 

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