6 Jewels in The End of Java: Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Banyuwangi, the easternmost area of East Java, provides unexpected allure for people that are hungry for experience. The key gem covers elegance of character and fantastic heritage. In any case, the heat of these Osing folks, the natives, is just another interest. Even though Bali, the neighboring area, remains invaded by many tourists, Banyuwangi is going to flaunt. So organize your itinerary and get ready to find the property of surfers and festivals. This is it, the six amazing places you must visit in Banyuwangi:

  1. Ijen Crater: The Extraordinary Color of Electric-blue Fire

In case you have an avid interest in character discovery, hiking bracket Ijen is highly advised. Additionally, you will have the rare opportunity to see the remarkable all-natural phenomenon called “blue flame”. Kawah Ijen is the biggest crater in East Java, comprising a green sulfuric lake. You’ll be captivated by the regional miners, going down and up the crater when hauling heavy yellow rocks.

  1. Escaping to Green Bay Beach

Green Bay Beach is the ideal off-the-beaten-track shore. You may say it is a hidden paradise where the turquoise water and sandy beach spread along the beach spoil your eyes. To achieve this beach, you just need a little attempt to finish the bumpy road along with the covers on the right and left of the road. But, after the long journey, you will be satisfied by the panoramic view of the beach in front of you.

  1. Test surfing at G-Land Beach

Plengkung Beach or G-land Beach is among the best surfing areas on earth. It is a true paradise for surfers visiting from across the planet because the pristine shore provides enormous waves. It is named G-Land as it is located on Grajagan bay. There’s some beautiful lodging on the website as a home for many surf camps and includes little cottages. To reach this place, you can go by motorboat out of Bali.

  1. Construct a Reddish Sand Castle at Pulau Merah Beach

Adding Pulau Merah Beach to your shore hopping itinerary is a superb idea. This super clean shore is known as “Pulau Merah” (or reddish island) because the beautiful reddish sand here is only available in the dry season. The tiny, lush mountain facing the shore is just another attraction that’s excellent for candid photography. Swimming, sunbathing, or just building a reddish sandcastle are a few activities you can do while spending time here.

  1. Observe Javanese Bulls at Alas Purwo National Park

Banyuwangi is not just about beaches but also wildlife adventures. Aside from Baluran National Park, Banyuwangi offers Alas Purwo National Park as well. It is a natural conservation area as a home for some endangered species, like Javanese bull, deer, peacocks, and endemic birds. The highlight of this area is observing the natural surroundings of these Javanese bulls. Set your trip around the dry season (the center of this year) when the bulls like to roam around searching for springs.

  1. Bathe at Selendang Arum Waterfall

If you’re seeking other sites aside from shores, Selendang Arum Waterfall located north of Banyuwangi is a smart option. The 20 meter (over 65 ft) waterfall hidden in the jungle is the ideal spot to acquire a refreshing experience. The characteristic of this waterfall is its rocky surface together with the big and powerful drops of water cascading down on it. Bathing from the freshwater and appreciating the moist breeze are equally highly suggested.

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