6 Interesting Things to Do While Holiday in Batam

Batam island is an answer for you who wants to make a short escape from Singapore. It is an island for many explorers and local people from Singapore as there are numerous activities and spots to visit here. Batam is the response to a genuine seashore, sun, and ocean for a couple of days. It is located so close to Singapore, and worth coming over right throughout the end of the week, with just 45 minutes of the ship from Singapore to Batam Center.

Even though it’s pretty crowded, it is a nice escape for loved ones who are hoping to mess around with water sports, eating seafood, shopping, and good spa and back rubs. There are a couple of energizing vacation spots for you to visit. If you are here for a short escape, you ought not to pass up a major opportunity. These top 10 things to do and must-see in Batam:

  1. Shopping in Nagoya Hill Mall

Perhaps the best spot to shop in Batam island is at Nagoya Hill Mall. You can discover many local foods such as the well-known kueh lapis (Indonesian layer cake) and Indomie (instant noodles). You can also find sports equipment here. However, they are transcendently golf hardware as this spot being an objective for it as well. A few shops take Singapore Dollars since it’s close by, and there are also money changers in the mall. They sell many goods with cheap prices. All things here are worth the money.

2.Eat fresh seafood

In Batam, you can find a lot of fresh seafood with affordable prices. There are numerous seafood restaurants spotted around the island, but the most popular ones are the Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant and Harbor Bay Seafood Restaurant by the waterfront promenade. You can find a lot of seafood varieties like prawns, crabs, mussels, and many more. you’ll be spoilt by its taste.

3.Drink cheap beer and alcohol

Assuming you came from adjoining Singapore, you will be surprised by the prices of the beer and alcohol. It’s a lot cheaper. If drinking is your thing, this is the spot to top off your amount before heading back. You can easily find drinking places anywhere around here.

4.Pamper yourself with affordable spa and massage

There are a lot of spa and massage places here in Batam Center as they cater for the most part for the swarms of vacationers. In any case, this would mean a lot of decisions to get a decent and reasonable one. The traditional Balinese massage is something to do, and the costs start from 260,000 Rp/25 SGD (starting in 2017). Simply stroll around and search for one that suits you! One of the suggested massages in Batam that you can easily find is Go! Massage. If you need to remain close by and spoil yourselves every day, Allium Batam Hotel would be your most ideal decision.

5.Take up adventurous activities and water sports

At the waterfront city is where you track down every one of the happenings for experiencing sports from land to water. Decisions of water sports are, for example, banana boat, parasailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and fly ski (all-around 55 SGD). While ashore, you can attempt a go-kart at around 18 SGD. You can discover these exercises at the Nongsa coast, or the less packed alternative is Melur Beach in Galang Island. You may even take a stab at plunging or swimming here at Batam Island.

6.Cycle or motorbike through the picturesque northern coast

Obscure to many, Batam’s picturesque northern coastlines are extraordinary compared to other mountain trekking around where you will go through a thick green wilderness and clearing seafront. You may take this path all alone around Duriangkang Reservoir and the Nongsa Coast. It will be about a 30km bicycle ride from Turi Beach/Nongsa Village and through Teluk Mata Ikan and afterward down the coast to Batu Besar, lastly through Citra Mas Housing home to Tering Bay Golf.

Vacation is more than just the scenery/food/accommodation, and it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Batam by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.