5 Pro Tips for Creating A T-Shirt Design

Whether you are designing a tee for your upcoming football meet or a corporate get-together, the ideas and the elements that you are going to use are of the highest importance. The process may look a little overwhelming at the beginning; however, with few tip and tricks, the customized t shirt printing Birmingham should not be a problem at all.

So, here’s all that you need to do to get started and rock at the designing part.

  • Explore the concept: The brainstorming is the most important here. Do not start right away, rather think it out? Explore those ideas, which are closest to the concept. Be creative and do not be hesitant to think out of the box- that is how some of the most eye-catchy and innovative designs are born.
  • Visualize the design on your tee: You might not be aware of this fact but those who have already worked in print and design medium would agree that the design on the screen and that on the cloth after printing might not look exactly similar.

Do not be hesitant to mockup design against a person or yourself. Take a print out and place on a standard tee and check if the things look okay on the dimensional part before giving it a go.

  • Keep the details simple: Too much of a potpourri can ruin the whole look of your tee; hence, the mantra here is to keep the detailing part as much lucid and simple as realistically possible. Even you would agree with us that some of the most amazing designs, which catch our eyes on the streets or elsewhere, are too modest and yet they manage to stand apart all the time.

On the flip side, heavy details have never been able to achieve the admiring glances and are ruefully lost in oblivion within no time.

  • Use colors carefully: Always use complementary colors to create the desired impact. Using similar shades can make your t-shirt look washed out with no distinctive details. Also, choose the background shade carefully so that your design is visible and stands out.
  • Printing websites: Choose to side with only the reputed t-shirt printing companies so that the best quality inks and clothing material are used in production- as a consequence, the end product is up to the mark and carries the highest quality.

Make diligent use of these handy tips and create the impressive customized t-shirt of your own.