5 most expensive place to buy property in Colorado

Most people dream to buy property in the US. There are several states which are quite affordable and several states which are opposite. One of the most expensive states in the US is Colorado. Colorado is an amazing place to live but the cost of living in this state is quite high. Most people are preferring to move to Colorado and own a property there. This is because there is a rise in the rate of job opportunities in this state. Moreover, anyone who loves being around nature would love to live there. Here is a list of five of the most expensive places to live in Colorado.

5) Boulder.

Boulder is a beautiful city in Colorado and is known for being peaceful and quiet. It is also a safe city and has a very low crime rate in comparison to other places in the US. There are plenty of outdoor activities one can do in boulder such as hiking, visiting the national park for the Rocky Mountains, biking, etc. Moreover, the largest university in the state of Colorado is also in Boulder.

The prices of property in Boulder are quite a lot. An average house in Boulder can be bought in approximately $710,000k to $899,000 to a property cash buyer. Furthermore, the average household income would be approximately $64,183.

4) Vail.

Vail is a small town in Colorado that has a quite high cost of living as compared to other places. The property rates in vail are extremely high which is why vacation homes are barely affordable by a common person. This town has an average population of 5,363 and is much famous for its ski resorts. Though expensive, it is still considered one of the best places in the state of Colorado to live because the schools and dining places are really good.

This town earns most of its revenue from tourism. The average income of a household would be $73,981 in vail and the price of an average home has been estimated to be approximately around $2,325,000.

3) Steamboat Springs.

This city is known for its hot springs and its ski resorts. People from all around the US visit Steamboat Springs for its tourist destinations. The people in this city are considered to be quite warm and friendly and most of them own their own homes. This city has a population of 12,336 and the price of an average family house in Steamboat Springs has been estimated to be around $600,791.

2) Breckenridge.

Breckenridge is a beautiful town in Colorado with a population of about 4,732. It is considered to be the third most expensive town to live in America. This town is known for organizing several lively events and festivals like the International Snow Sculpture Championships and many others. It is a great place to live in especially in summers. The median income of a household in Breckenridge is $54,328 while the price of an average home is approximately around $999,999.

1) Aspen.

Aspen is the most expensive town in America. It is famous for being a fantastic ski town because it is covered in snow for about half a year. Aspen has a population of about 6,788 and the cost of living in this town is quite high. The price of an average family home in Aspen is $1,930,136 for a quick cash sale in as little as 7 days. The crime rate in this town is highly low and there are several fun winter activities you can do there.