5 Healthy Ways to Do Juice Fasting

Weight loss is difficult for people of any age, including teenagers. The teenage years are when you struggle with self-image because you’re undergoing puberty. On top of this, teenagers are pressured to conform to social beauty standards because they want to feel they belong. Unfortunately, some are not born with the ideal type of body image. Some are petite, chubby, tall, short, or muscular. And if you’re finding it hard to lose weight, let this article help you do your diet with juice fasting in a healthy way. 

What is Juice Fasting? 

Is it a harmful diet or a healthy one? Perhaps, this is the question you want to know before trying the juice diet trend in Singapore. The answer is yes and no. No, if you don’t follow the rules and are desperate to get thin. Yes, if you do it healthily and moderately. So, if you’re planning to try this diet method, here are some facts you need to know for more knowledge. 

  • Juice Fasting Depends on Your Personal Goal – Are you planning to try a juice diet because you watch your favourite celebrities do it? Keep in mind that you have different body needs. The length of time and frequency will depend on your goals. Each individual has personal needs, so know yours before trying this diet. 
  • A Safe Practice – Since your ingredients are primarily fruits and vegetables, it is generally safe because they are healthy. The only thing to consider is the preparation. Make sure that it’s clean to avoid contaminating your drink. 
  • You Can Try Many Flavours! – There are many flavours of juice in Singapore. You can try as many as you like until you find the flavour you’ll enjoy the most. 
  • There are Many Beauty and Health Benefits – The juicing diet uses the cold pressed juice method in Singapore. The technique retains the vitamins and nutrients because the process doesn’t use heat, preserving the quality of the fruits and vegetables.
  • You Need to Follow Rules – To make your juice diet successful, you still need to follow the rules to ensure a healthy body. For instance, you still need to eat full meals or stick to a daily exercise to get the best results. 

Indeed, juice fasting is an effective way to lose weight. However, it would be best to still look after your health to achieve your goals without compromising your wellness. Now, continue reading this article to learn more about the proper diet ways.


The Healthy Way to do Juice Fasting

The ideal body of most people is fit and toned. However, it’s not easy to achieve if you don’t know about nutrition and proper exercise methods. To give you a heads up, drinking juice in Singapore may not be enough. You also need to move, develop the appropriate mindset, and eat a healthier diet to achieve your body goals. So, start your healthy diet plan by reading this article. 

1) Set Realistic Goals 

Yes, achieving the beauty standard can make you feel pressured. You might set an unrealistic goal like losing weight in a month or gaining abs in two weeks. No, it’s impossible to achieve within a short period. You have to stick to your workout routine before seeing results. It may take months or even years, so be patient with your diet plan. 

As you set realistic goals, you’ll have a better mindset about your diet routine that can make you stay mentally healthy, too. The key here is to enjoy the process of drinking cold pressed juice in Singapore and your daily workout routine.  

2) Choose Exercise You’ll Enjoy 

Exercising doesn’t have to feel like a chore. You have to enjoy the process of sticking with your diet plan. This way, you’ll be able to achieve your body goals without stressing yourself out. On top of juice fasting, your daily exercise routine can manage your calorie intake. Remember that you need to balance lifting weights and cardio exercises to have a toned body. 

You can choose from many exercises, like yoga, pilates, HIIT, lifting weights, and more. All you have to do is find the activities that will help you enjoy doing them. Also, don’t forget to set a rest day every week to give your mind and muscle a break from working out. 

3) Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

If you scroll through social media, you’ll see many people posting their best angles. However, they are also human behind the camera, just like you. They have bad hair days, acne breakouts, and more human characteristics. So, don’t pressure yourself to look like them because it’s not good for your mental health. Worse, you’ll be desperate and do your juice diet in an unhealthy way. 

Also, if you’re going to the gym, don’t try to compare yourself with other people who look fitter than you. Everyone has a different journey, and you’ll certainly achieve your goals at the right time. 

4) Get Enough Sleep/Rest 

Getting enough sleep and rest should also be part of your diet routine. Even though you eat healthily and exercise daily, you won’t give your body the proper care it needs without enough rest. It will only compromise your health in the long run. So, when life gets in the way, and you don’t have enough time to exercise, better choose to sleep and resume your workout tomorrow. 

As you do the juice fasting, don’t forget to give your body a break and give yourself a cheat day from time to time. You won’t get tired of drinking the same juice every day. 

5) Consulting a Doctor or Nutritionist

Finally, the best way to learn about your health is to consult a doctor or nutritionist. This way, you’ll know your body condition after a juice diet in Singapore. If the results show promising signs, you can continue your routine. If not, you might need to change a thing or two in your diet plan to protect your health.

Losing weight should be a fun and healthy process. You can buy cold-pressed juices from Antidote Singapore if you want to try juice fasting. Visit their website to know more about how they can help your diet plan.