3 Benefits Of Video Live Streaming

Back when the pandemic didn’t exist, events were often held in physical locations for audiences to attend. There would be countless outdoor concerts, product showcases, and live seminars prepared by various organisers. These events were an opportunity for people to engage and socialise with their peers, but as soon as COVID-19 happened, events in public spaces didn’t happen as often as they did before. However, some brands and other organisers managed to utilise the technology we have today in order to continue hosting events. Instead of having people go outside to attend, event organisers have picked up the option of video live streaming.

Once events started using live streams, they proved to be quite beneficial in ways physical events couldn’t be. To convince you of the benefits that live streaming has to offer, here is a short list of them.

1. No Need To Worry About Weather

One of the biggest concerns that live events usually face is unpredictable weather. Weather forecasters can give us an estimation of what the weather could be on specific days, but there’s still no telling how long the rain will last or how hot the sun will be. Suppose a seminar is going to be held in an outdoor venue. In that case, organisers will constantly worry about the audience and the speakers getting wet from unexpected downpours or getting uncomfortable under the scorching sun. Instead of waiting for the audience to blame you for choosing the wrong location, you can just choose to hold a webinar in Singapore. A webinar at least ensures that your audience is safe at home from any kind of weather.

2. No Need To Worry About Travel Time

Even if you leave your house early, travel time to the event’s or AGM’s location can cause you to be late. You could leave the house earlier than expected just to make up for possible lost time on the road, but it may feel like too much of a hassle to do so. To avoid arriving late to the occasion due to traffic or distance, holding a virtual AGM in Singapore instead of a physical meeting can benefit all the members.

3. Bigger Audience

Specific venues can only hold a limited number of people. If you ever want your event to reach a large number of viewers and listeners, having it live streamed can reach a local audience and an international one. As soon as you step into the virtual production studio in Singapore and turn the cameras on, you can broadcast the entire event to people all over the world.

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