Material Girl Reworks Charity Mission Feb02

Material Girl Reworks Charity Mission

Celebrity Charities – After six years of negotiations and setbacks, Madonna’s mission to provide schools and education to children in Malawi will literally break ground on March 30th and is projected to be completed in June 2013. Things have changed since the Raising Malawi charity began: the design of the schools will be simpler, the charity will be able to reach double the original number of students, and Raising Malawi is now also working with an agency called buildOn to co-develop the schools. “This remains a very big priority in my life and I am excited that with the help of buildOn we can maintain our ongoing...

Winter of Discontent 2 Dec03

Winter of Discontent 2

Social Issues – Tens of thousands of people joined rallies around the UK as a public sector strike over pensions disrupted schools, hospitals, and other services. It is the first mass strike to take place in the UK in more than 30 years. About two-thirds of state schools were closed, and...

Norwegian Apartheid in the Classroom Nov30

Norwegian Apartheid in the Classroom

Civil Rights – As far as political correctness is concerned, it’s fair to say that Oslo is having a bad year. Just months after the racially-charged shooting, a high school (not too far from the location of the massacre) has been accused of apartheid. Segregating their students based on ethnic background, the Bjerke Upper Secondary School began by first separating students of immigrant decent into one of three rooms–something Anders Breivik would have supported whole-heartedly. Oslo education commissioner Torge Odegaard said, “This is the first time I’ve heard about this, and it is totally unacceptable. Such a...

Unisex Bathrooms? Nov14

Unisex Bathrooms?

Civil Rights – Colorado- With the public school system still stuck in the Stone Age, two teens reported that they are being punished by their high school for their sexual identity–both students are transgender. Sixteen-year-old Dionne Malikowski said that she had been suspended...

Fighting Bullies with Puppy Kisses Oct01

Fighting Bullies with Puppy Kisses

Kansas City Schools are using dogs in classrooms to help with bullying and other bad behaviors. The No More Bullies project helps to teach children “responsibility, compassion, self-control, and integrity” by getting them to interact with dogs. The program was developed by Jo Dean Hearn, an ex-teacher and the humane education director at Wayside Waifs, an animal rescue group, and is “presented an hour a day for five days by trained volunteers—accompanied by irresistible canines.” Hearn states that children easily identify with animals and “it’s easy for them to transition when we ask them to consider...