From the Box to the Bin Mar23

From the Box to the Bin

Social Issues – What is to be done about the malaise that has washed over the Postal Service in the era of instant, electronic communication? The USPS is hoping that its new online tool that encourages small businesses to use/increase direct mailing campaigns (aka junk mail) will help...

Show Us Yours Mar22

Show Us Yours

Social Issues – If the Orwellian-TV Set weren’t enough to inspire privacy fears, the rising trend of prospective employers asking for social media log-in information should get you worked up—and maybe hunkered down. While many businesses have learned to research their potential hires’ Facebook pages, many, faced with the locked doors of private profiles, are asking for the “keys” to let themselves in. It’s a situation that Justin Bassett, a statistician in New York, ran into. As he should have, he promptly withdrew his application. The legal status of the practice is questionable, and in places such as...

Ending Child Hunger Mar21

Ending Child Hunger

Celebrity Charities – March 5 kicked off the effort ConAgra foods is making to stop child hunger in the U.S. The Child Hunger Ends Here campaign is returning for its 3rd year and this time, it’s being supported by musical artists Jay Sean, Owl City, and Jewel. ConAgra is working...

Big Beach Clean-Up Mar20

Big Beach Clean-Up

Environment – Just in time for swimsuit season, British retailer Marks & Spencer is partnering with the Marine Conservation Society to clean up polluted beaches and water. They plan to clean up 50 beaches in three days, from May 11 to 13. It will be the biggest initiative of...

War Profiteers Mar06

War Profiteers

Human Rights – 24/7 Wall St. has compiled a list of 10 arms producing companies that profit the most from global bloodshed. The report, which was based on the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s list, indicates that these companies account for more than half the...

Carbon? Dated Mar04

Carbon? Dated

Environment – Quebec’s carbon footprint program is being praised as an innovative first for North America. The plan, which seeks to assist companies in determining how much carbon is in their products and pass this information onto the consumer. Sam Hamad, the Minister of...

Economic Impact Mar04

Economic Impact

Social Issues – A year after the Great East Japan Earthquake, more than 20 percent of the businesses closed by the disaster have yet to resume operations, to a recent survey in the Yomiuri Shimbun. Approximately 27,149 commercial and industrial businesses in the Miyagi, Iwate, and...

Bullhook Bullshite Feb22

Bullhook Bullshite

Animal Rights – Despite a ban on the cruel use of bullhooks, exceptions are being made for the high profile Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus performances in Atlanta this week. The tools, which are, well, hooks, are used to coerce animals into submission by “[applying] varying degrees of pressure to sensitive spots on an elephant’s body.” It’s a nice way of saying “causing them pain.” While the decision to allow the circus to use bullhooks is more an issue of jurisdiction-the city says it did not adopt the ordinance while the county Atlanta adopted the ordinance last year, resulting in...

Big-Box Gets Lighter Jan24

Big-Box Gets Lighter

Environment – Ikea is setting quite the example. The Swedish furniture store is winning the race among big-box stores in placing solar panels atop open roof space, helping to offset its power consumption. All of this, of course, is done exclusively by illustration. By this time a year...