Super Bowl Homelessness Jan07

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Raquel Benson

is a Senior Contributor to TDA, a journalism student, humanist, and artist with issues of chronic imagination. She may be brash, but it stems from a deeper concern for the world around her.


Super Bowl Homelessness

Social Issues – Every year the Super Bowl brings thousands of football fans from all over the country to a host city for an exciting night of football, live performances, and general drunken debauchery. There are things, however, that go on behind the scenes to prepare for the influx of cheering fans that you may be unaware of. For instance, Indianapolis, this year’s host city, is making itself more attractive by ridding the streets of all those pesky homeless people and their encampments.

Local authorities however insist that they’re not “ridding” the city of the homeless and that they’re actually placing them in shelters. “There certainly won’t be any forced relocation [...] we will approach these individuals and work with these individuals in cooperation with other agencies,” said Dep. Chief Mike Bates.

Last year, when the Super Bowl was hosted in Texas, NFL Charities and the Super Bowl host committee funded the Youth Education Town (YET) in Arlington, to create a youth center for the 2,000 homeless children there.

Now Indianapolis wants to know why its city isn’t doing more to help the homeless other than setting up “eight donation boxes,” throughout the city.

Executive director at the Indiana Civil Liberties Union Gilbert Holmes said, “We’ve observed that the Super Bowl committees have spent an awful lot of money to do things to make our city attractive [...] But how much of those resources are being dedicated to help those people who are homeless?”

So, while Indianapolis “pretties” up the city in preparation for the extra funds that will funnel into the city, the homeless will be just as invisible as they were before the Super Bowl. But hey, at least they got eight donation boxes, right?

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