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Who Gives a Hoot?

Hooters sues the new Twin Peaks restaurant claiming that a development company and a former Hooters executive stole trade secrets.

The lawsuit suggests that when Joseph Hummel, former Hooters vice president, left the company in July to help La Cima Restaurants develop the similarly themed “Twin Peaks” restaurant, based in Atlanta, he took “sensitive business information with him.”

Apparently, the alleged trade secrets, (which can’t be the uniforms because there is nothing secret about those), include a “‘substantial volume’ of Hooters documents, including plans related to management, recruitment, distribution and sales.”

According to the lawsuit, Hummel’s departure “coincided with a number of other high-ranking defections from Hooters to La Cima, including former Hooters CEO Coby Brooks.” Hummel is now the chief operating officer at La Cima.

Twin Peaks, whose motto is “Eats, Drinks, Scenic Views,” currently has 15 restaurants in five states, but “last month it announced plans to open 35 franchises throughout the Southeast over the course of the next decade.”

The new restaurant chain shares many similarities with Hooters, such as UFC fights on the big screen, chicken wings, and—scantily clad waitresses.

However, the Twin Peaks girls “tend to wear a mountain-themed ensemble of flannel bikini-like tops paired with tan hiker shorts.”

In the lawsuit, Hooters says their “iconic” Hooters Girls are the “cornerstone of the [Hooters] concept,” and notes that “Twin Peaks directly competes with [Hooters] in the market of casual dining restaurants with an all female waitstaff.”

It all boils down to breasts and wings I suppose.

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