Paul vs. Cain Oct14

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Paul vs. Cain

Ron Paul calls out Herman Cain about his opposition of an audit of the central bank and his inflammatory statement that advocates of such audit are ignorant.

Paul, the longest-serving advocate of a Fed audit in Congress, stated “Mr. Cain, in the past you have been rather critical of any of us who would want to audit the Fed. You have said [...] that we were ignorant and that we didn’t know what we are doing, and therefore, there was no need for an audit anyway, because if you had one, you’re not going to find out anything, because everybody knows everything about the Fed.”

Not stopping there, Paul continues to call Cain on his-well-rather derogatory remarks stating, not that “we have gotten an audit, we have found out an awful lot on how special businesses get bailed out – Wall Street, the banks, and special companies, foreign governments. And you said that you those of us who were concerned, and you belittled – you say call up the Federal Reserve and just ask them.”

Cain, a former director of the Kansas City Fed, vehemently denied stating any such thing and insisted that he didn’t oppose an audit. “You have misquoted me. I did not call you or any of your people ignorant. I don’t know where that came from,” he said. “You’ve gotta be careful of the stuff you get off the Internet.”

Unfortunately for Cain, Paul’s staff was exceedingly careful and located an audio of Cain saying, well, exactly what Paul accused him of saying. As recently as 2010, Cain can be heard berating those calling for an audit.

Perhaps Mr. Cain should be careful what he says on the internet?

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