Stop Texting And Drive! Dec21

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Carolina Fernandez

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Stop Texting And Drive!

Social Issues – For many Americans – especially the youth – texting and cell phone use in general are an integral part of everyday life. But at what point is someone’s social life more valuable than their actual life? The National Transportation Safety Board says the answer to that is: never.

The Board stated on Tuesday that any texting, calling, emailing, tweeting – and the list goes on – should be banned everywhere in the United States. At a risk of losing tremendous popularity points, it is urging all states to make cell phone use while driving totally illegal – including the use of hands-free devices.

Although 35 states currently ban texting while driving, and nine ban hand-held devices, none have made illegal the use of hands-free devices while driving.

But to Americans, giving up texting while driving might be just as hard as breaking any other bad habit. A survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of more than 6,000 drivers in America showed that five out of 10 between the ages of 21 and 24, have sent text messages or emails while driving.

The NTSB’s strict new rules are in reaction to several recent deadly incidents that seem to suggest that the sacrifice is worth it.

Recently, a teenager in Missouri sent or received 11 text messages in 11 minutes, resulting in a deadly accident. Last year, a 19-year old pick-up driver’s texting caused a deadly pileup near Gray Summit, Mo., when he hit the back of a tractor, and was then rear-ended by two school buses. The accident cost the lives of the driver and a 15-year old student on one of the buses, while 38 other people were injured.

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