Naked Swiss Man Nov25

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Raquel Benson

is a Senior Contributor to TDA, a journalism student, humanist, and artist with issues of chronic imagination. She may be brash, but it stems from a deeper concern for the world around her.


Naked Swiss Man

Social Issues – A family with small children witnessed a Swiss hiker sporting his “finest, most magnificent–birthday suit” as he sauntered on through a picnic area as well as a Christian rehabilitation center for drug addicts in the eastern canton of Appanzell Ausserrhoden.

Validating the (more conservative) region’s bid to prohibit the practice of bearing it all on the hiking path, Switzerland’s top court ruled that nude hikers may be fined. The court stated that, “The fundamental right to personal freedom is only marginally, if at all, infringed upon by a ban on hiking naked in a public area.”

The cantons of Appenzell Innerrhoden and Appenzell Ausserrhoden seem to be all-the-rage among these hiking nudists.

Even though is it now possible for individual Swiss canton to enforce indecency laws, Switzerland is still pretty relaxed about the whole “nude” deal-Naked hiking is not illegal after all.

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