End Famine For Good Sep26

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End Famine For Good

African artists and global celebrities are making an impassioned plea for action to end the famine that is currently devastating the horn of Africa.

The 58 artists combined command an audience of over 7 million via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  The group of artists, calling themselves ONE, penned an open letter to African and world leaders, calling for “the implementation of a three-part plan to beat the famine in the horn of Africa and invest in long-term solution to avoid future food crisis.”

ONE, a campaign and advocacy organization, dedicated to combating extreme poverty and disease, especially in Africa, is advocating for the following three promises from the African and world leaders:

  • Fill the remaining financing gap for emergency assistance to help people in the horn of Africa
  • Invest in a longer-term agriculture and food security to stop the cycle of extreme hunger
  • Encourage a prominent and formal role for civil society in the peace-seeking process to stop the cycle of instability in the region

The letter was released days before two critical meetings: the G20 finance ministers meeting in Washing D.C. on Friday, and Saturday’s Ministerial Mini-Summit on the margins of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Another grassroots effort made by ONE is a petition that calls on leaders to provide the full funding that the UN has identified as necessary to absolve the famine. Since being released, the petition has garnered 220,000 signatures and counting.

To ensure that the current famine in the horn of Africa is the last, ONE is encouraging leaders to invest in agricultural productivity in Africa, citing the fact that 80% of Africans rely on subsistence agriculture to eat.

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