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Ben Jackenov

Social Issues – The journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science has published a study showing that people given terrible names by their parents wind up achieving less, being dumber, and struggling socially for the remainder of their lives. Oddly enough, they’re also more likely to smoke.

The study showed that in addition to these other qualities, the majority of the 12,000 people in the study would rather stay single than date a person with a bad name. The test was done on the European dating website eDarling, and shows the social impact a bad name can have. It’s no wonder people with bad names struggle. Considering dating sites often reduce people down to a photo and a name, the fact that almost one third of new relationships begin online now is a major problem for those granted unfortunate names by their parents.

The study explains that “Negative names evoke negative interpersonal reactions, which in turn influence people’s life outcome for the worse.” So, if your name was a crank call on the Simpsons, change it ASAP. If however, your name is Max Power, well, I’m sure you’re doing just fine in your helicopter-yacht with your diamond-studded models.

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