Occupy The Primaries? Nov07

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Occupy The Primaries?

Social Issues – The newest clip by “Anonymous” calls for the peaceful protest to shut down the Iowa caucuses.

The familiar disembodied voice comes across loud and clear as it states that both the Democratic and Republican parties have failed Americans and that mega-corporations are responsible for it.

“We are calling upon you to occupy the campaign offices of presidential headquarters in Des Moines Iowa on December 27th, and peacefully shut down the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses on January 3.”

Synthetically pleasing in its tone, the robotic voice states that “Voting for these parties is unethical. They have destroyed the American democracy.”

In the realm of cyberspace, Anonymous is taking on the injustices in the world by releasing information, such as IP addresses of child porn viewers and threatening to release the names of the members of the Zeta Cartel, which authorities can’t seem to do.

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