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Get Involved!

Social Issues – With the economy down the proverbial drain and considering how many of us are un- or under-employed, it’s often hard to continue our charitable giving and help those that are less fortunate than us. Five websites are trying to change this increasing problem by offering us a way to continue to give at no cost to ourselves.

    The Hunger Site: At the Hunger Site, for every click of the button for your cause (there are six different ones), the sponsor will make a small donation to the cause. You can click on your cause only once a day, but making it part of your daily routine could be a great way to give and cost only a tiny amount of time.

    Ripple: Ripple follows the format of the Hunger site, featuring daily buttons that correspond to causes, but Ripple also features an integrated Google search bar that triggers a donation every time it is used.

ripple Give Money Give Education Give Food Give Water
    Free Rice: A popular one, and it’s addictive too. Free rice is built around a vocabulary game that, when a question is answered correctly, earns a struggling country 20 grains of rice free of charge. It’s a good way to improve your vocabulary and give in the process.

    Free Poverty: Free Poverty offers a week’s worth of water in exchange for watching a short advertisement of your choosing. If you have the time, it’s a great and easy way to give.
    Good Search: Good Search combines donating search features like Ripple with bonus donations based upon purchases made at participating sites. If you’re shopping online, check Good Search first. It may be a great way to help in addition to the money you’d spend otherwise.

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