Sickly System

Social Issues – Olivier De Schutter, the UN’s reporter on food, has recently stated that the current food conditions are negatively impacting our health and wellbeing worldwide. Most of the problems stem from the agricultural business sector, which holds significant weight over the affordability and availability of healthy food.

Schutter’s goals are many and include a “sin tax” which “taxes unhealthy products,…much stricter regulation of junk processed foods that are high in saturated fats, salt and sugar; a global crackdown on advertising and marketing of junk foods; an overhaul of the subsidy regimes in the EU and U.S. that make the commodity crops that form the basis of junk food diets cheap while leaving healthier foods such as fruit and vegetables expensive; and a redirecting of support to local food production.”

Local food production would bring money to poor areas that are typically crushed by commercial farms. The issue, Schutter argues, is not technological but in the system itself. And that system makes money, a reality that may make Schutter’s hopes difficult to swallow for those who benefit too much from what’s on our table.

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