OWS Anti-Semetic?!?! Oct27

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Raquel Benson

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OWS Anti-Semetic?!?!

Neoconservative Bill Kristol and other prominent right-wing figures have been recently pushing the notion that the Occupy Wall Street movement is… Anti-Semitic? The backhanded tactic was fabricated to scare the Jewish community into opposition of OWS, in hopes of gathering some support.

Kristol’s television ads (specifically geared to scare Jews) proved to be a major fail when even the Anti-Defamation league raised no eyebrows. Kristol’s ads, desperate and transparent, feature people saying hateful things about Jews while the narrator poses the question, “Why are our leaders turning a blind eye to anti-Semitic, anti-Israel attacks? Tell President Obama and Leader Pelosi to stand up to the mob.” Setting a new trend, Kristol soon had other conservatives following suit with the same message—that OWS is suddenly this anti-Semitic movement.

Head of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham H. Foxman stated that, “There is no evidence that these anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are representative of the larger movement or that they are gaining traction with other participants.”

Of course, this is not to say that there aren’t a few crazies in such a large group. In the world of protest, there can be extremism of any kind. So when it comes down to the footage Kristol creatively utilized, there are things that were highly exaggerated; one man from the ad who held a sigh which read “Google: Zionists Control Wall Street” has been discovered to actually be a homeless radical who had long been picketing the same message—prior to OWS.

Apparently, the rest of the movement had wanted him out of the picture to begin with. Jewish activist, Daniel Sieradski commented, “This guy with the Google Zionist banker sign, nobody wants him there.” The sentiment is shared by both OWS as well as the ADL. Nice try, Bill Kristol.

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