Gimme My News Feed! Nov12

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Gimme My News Feed!

If you are like hundreds of thousands of social media users, and are pissed off at Facebook making constant changes to its platform, then you will be happy to know that a company actually listened to its users and have given FB-Junkies a way to revert their news feed back to chronological order.

And yet—-you have to wonder if this is something similar to the whole Coke fiasco when they changed to “New Coke” and after public outrage changed it to “Coke Classic.” It was never quite the same–admit it. You know it’s true.

Apparently the social media giant will be rolling out the option to change your news feed by selecting a “Recent Stories First” option, which will be located just under your status bar, in the form of a tiny little arrow drop down menu.

By selecting the new option, frustrated users will be able to go back to their chronological feed.

If you can’t see the option yet–wait. It will come. Facebook is rolling out the change little by little.

If you absolutely hate the “Timeline” and “Ticker” options, Chrome has come out with an extension to fix these as well.

Well–it just proves the old saying “If the shit aint broken, don’t fuck with it.”

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