Occupy Wall Street

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Occupy Bachmann

During her Foreign Policy Address yesterday, Michelle Bachmann was run off stage by OWS protesters.

Perhaps the most entertaining part of this video was the priceless look on Bachmann’s face as the protesters started their human “mic check.”

“This will only take a minute… You capitalize on dividing Americans claiming people that disagree with you are unpatriotic socialists and you promote discrimination,” the protesters chanted.

Although Bachmann’s supporters tried to start a chant of their own: “Sit Down!,” it didn’t have quite the affect that the protesters did.

She stood silently, with a confused look on her face, as the protesters delivered their address, before she was whisked off stage by a police officer.

After presumably kicking out the OWS protesters Bachmann returned to the stage to address whoever was left in the crowd and began her speech by asking “Don’t you love the First Amendment?”
Yep…we do.

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OWS Harvard requires IDs

Nearly 300 protesters rallied and marched through Cambridge, Massachusetts with the intent of Occupying Harvard Yard-however, once they reached the [ivory] gates of the school, they found themselves locked out. Score one for a private institution.

Campus police (Yes-They Count) had locked the gates and were guarding them ferociously, apparently enforcing a mandate that was passed down by school officials to keep people who weren’t “Haaarvaard” students out.

Evidently the campus popo completely missed the fact that many of the protesters were holding up student IDs at first, but eventually about two dozen students were admitted to the grounds, where they proceeded to “occupy” the University in tents.

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11=11=11 – We march as One

OWS March for Veterans day

11.11.11 – OWS takes over Central Park and OWS LA will march from City Hall to the Financial District.

Reportedly the marchers will meet at 11:11 am to commence their march. “This 11=11=11. The People Rise. Stand as One For the People. One World, One Day, One Movement. We Occupy as One.”

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Berkeley Police suck

So…apparently standing in a line and chanting is cause for police to lay the smack down on students. Including one officer who found it necessary to beat a student with his “stick” and then continue to violently beat on the student when he couldn’t walk away where he was pointing.
Ya, cause that makes sense.

New OWS Camp set up at BofA in downtown LA
Warning—-lots of foul language abounds here.

“Protesters have begun massing at the Bank of America building in downtown LA and are setting up tents, in the face of threats of arrest from police. They are setting up tents both outside and inside the building at California Plaza on Grand Avenue. This protest is a continuation of another rally at UCLA earlier today, which shutdown parts of Westwood and Wilshire boulevards.”

See More at the Surreal Witness.

French Police bust up OWS movement

Most may not understand the language, however the sentiment is the same. Peaceful protesters are busted up by Police intent on pushing, pulling, and knocking down people and tents.

PSA from OWS

How to weather proof your tent.

“Ex-Recon Medic Wall Street Occupier describes how to weatherproof your tent in advance of the winter in New York. Public Service Announcement for the Occupy Movement.”

March With Us from Wake the Beast on Vimeo.

Join the OWS March on Nov 17

Newly released video states that the OWS movement isn’t a new concept and asks that people be a part of the movement this time by joining in a March on Nov. 17th for jobs, peace, and our future.

Monday afternoon saw hundreds of Black and Latino protesters make and 11-mile march from Washington Heights to Zuccotti Park in an incredible display of solidarity. “State Sen. Adriano Espaillat, one of the organizers, was at the vanguard of the march, holding a megaphone. He said he was speaking out for residents of some of the city neighborhoods that have been hit hardest by unemployment [... n]eighborhoods like this have been in a permanent recession – Washington Heights, Harlem, East Harlem.”

“We have double-digit unemployment, housing costs through the roof [...] Occupy Wall Street is echoing what we have been feeling for decades.”

Read more at the NY Daily News.

Reaction to Bank Transfer Day

Politicians may not be taking notice of the “fees” big banks are imposing on customers, but Americans are.

OWS Sydney: Protesters take to the Streets

Heavy police presence was on the scene as hundreds of OWS protesters took to the streets in Sydney, Australia.

The protesters, who are part of the global OWS movement against corporate greed, “have vowed to reoccupy a pedestrian mall in the heart of Sydney’s central business district.”

Two police trucks, riot squad officers, and mounted police were present during the rally as the protesters converged on “Town Hall [...] bearing banners with slogans such as ‘You can’t eat money’ and ‘Stop Police Brutality.’”

After the arrest of 40 protesters last month, police were accused of using excessive force in “a dawn raid that ended the group’s weeklong protest at the mall, known as Martin Place, which is home to several banks and other corporations.”

Read more at the Associated Press.

Take back your money

“Public Service Announcement for Credit Union Advocacy Action. National Bank Transfer to Credit Union Advocacy Day. International Bank Transfer Day. Footage of Hollywood Metro March and Demonstration.”

Bank Transfer Day Starts Early

The OWS movement is planning a “Bank Transfer Day” on Nov. 5th, however, hundreds of thousands of Americans started early, and made the switch to a credit union.

There are approximately 7,800 credit unions in the U.S., and last year there were a total of 600,000 new customers filing into local credit unions to open accounts—which is less than the amount of new customers that opened accounts in the last two months.

The Credit Union National Association “estimated that 650,000 Americans made the jump to credit unions since September 29-the day Bank of America sparked public anger when announcing its debit card fee.”

“Credit Unions in the U.S. are not-for-profit organizations with the largest being the Navy Deferal Credit Union that serves 3.4 million government workers with over $45 billion in assets.”

Many credit unions are planning on extending their hours for Bank Transfer Day in preparation for the influx of customers who are still skeptical of Bank of America even though it decided to conveniently drop its $5 monthly fee.

Read more at the Global Post.

“Public Service Announcement for Credit Union Advocacy Action. National Bank Transfer to Credit Union Advocacy Day. International Bank Transfer Day.”

“People over Profit.”

Occupy Orlando is urging people to join them on November 5th for what is gearing up to be a global movement to close accounts at the banks.

Many see the Occupy Oakland Violence as a threat to the national movement, not to mention a threat to Oakland itself. In the Early hours on Thursday, violence broke out after a successful occupation of the Port of Oakland leading to a City Council Hearing pitting police against protestors–again. Check out video of the Hot Mess below.

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Will OWS survive winter?

Although naysayers doubt the protesters will last the winter, Michael Moore says that snow will not stop the passion of the 99%. They will find a way to endure.

In what is being called the nation’s “first general strike since 1946,” thousands of protesters took to the streets in Oakland, Ca today and shut down the city.

Union members and organization members failed to show up to work today, and many other businesses, including “the Grand Lake Theater and Men’s Wearhouse closed in solidarity” with the movement.

It is reported that nearly 360 school teachers failed to show up for work today, however, schools remained open because substitutes were called in.

“Despite the longshoremen’s efforts to keep the Port of Oakland open, maritime operations at the port have been officially shut down by protesters.”

Read more at the Daily Beast.

U.S. District Judge, Aleta A. Trager, granted a temporary restraining order to the Occupy Nashville protesters preventing further arrests by the police.

The order requires “the state to stop enforcing a hastily drawn up policy that set a curfew for gatherings at Legislative Plaza.”

TheAmerican Civil Liberties Uniton (ACLU) of Tennesee and local attornies filed a “lawsuit this morning against Gov. Bill Haslam and other state offificals” and requested the restraining order to prevent frther arrests. Haslam’s new policies, including curfews and permit requirements, which were instituted to disband the movement, were the instigating measures that prompted the lawsuit.

Despite the curfew requirements, many protesters “refused to leave overnight” prompting the arrest of nearly 50 protesters on Friday and Saturday night.

However on both nights “Davidson County Night Court Magistrate Tom Nelson refused to approve troopers’ warrants and ordered the protesters released.”

“The lawsuit alleges that the arrests and the new restrictions on gatherings at Legislative Plaza are unconstitutional violations of the protesters First Amendment rights.”

Read more at The Tennessean

A99 Movement?

Another alleged “Anonymous” video released, this time linking to the A99 movement, and making a clear demand.

“As a first sign of good faith, we demand Ben Bernanke step down as Federal Reserve Chairman.”

They don’t say what will happen if Bernanke fails to step down, however, they do state that until their demands are met, they will “engage in a relentless campaign of non-violent, peaceful, civil disobedience.”

According to the Ampedstatus.org, (A99) they have had enough. “We are a decentralized non-violent resistance movement which seeks to restore the rule of the law and fight back against the organized criminal class.”

It is not known if they are affiliated with the actual “Anonymous,” but there you have it. They are pissed and they aren’t going to take it anymore.

Read more at Amped Status.

Occupy your Mind – Interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky

“The great Chilean-born director, artist, writer, shaman and ‘criminal madman,’ Alejandro Jodorowsky interviewed via Skype from a hotel room in NYC.”

Occupy Your Mind: An Interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky from DANGEROUS MINDS on Vimeo.

Read more at Dangerous Minds.

Occupy the undead?

The undead community of Occupy Portland pay a visit to Bank of America.

A protester was found dead in his tent at an OWS camp in downtown Oklahoma City on Monday.

According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, the man appears to have died of natural causes but the case is still under investigation.

Occupy OKC released the following statement on the death of the protestor.

“Occupy OKC is saddened by the passing of one of the participants camping at Kerr Park in Oklahoma City earlier this afternoon. Known simply as ‘The Poet,’ he was a very friendly and outgoing person. Known to be homeless, Occupy OKC provided him with food, clothing, and shelter. At a Candlelight Vigil last night to honor first responders, The Poet delivered a powerful poetic commentary about the complexities of homelessness and drug abuse, and the system’s failure to adequately deal with these issues. The Poet was found dead in his tent at Kerr Park earlier this afternoon by other participants. Police and emergency personnel were immediately contacted. Occupy OKC is withholding information concerning The Poet’s identity pending notification of his family by authorities. Police are currently at the scene investigating his cause of death which is presently unknown and Occupy OKC is in full cooperation with their investigation. Occupy OKC has been actively cooperating with the Oklahoma City Police Department to ensure the safety of all participants at the Kerr Park occupation.”

According to Occupy OKC, all their scheduled events on Monday were canceled.

Read more at News 9.

House Speaker, John Boehner, declares that he understands the “frustrations” of the OWS protesters.

After making a speech at the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville, Bohener fielded questions about the OWS movement.

“I understand people’s frustrations. [...] The economy is not producing jobs like they want. And there is a lot of erosion of confidence in our government. And, frankly, under the first amendment, people have the right to speak out and protest. But that doesn’t mean they have permission to violate the law.”

He also urged the protesters to avoid violence, stating that he lived through the riots over the Vietnam War and people could see how those got out of control. He stated that he hoped “that these demonstrations will continue to be peaceful.

Read more at the Global Post.

Donning Guy Fawkes masks, as per the new custom among OWS participants, dozens of protesters in Oregon and Texas were taken into police custody for exercising their first amendment rights on Saturday and Sunday.

While the arrests took place far away from each other the scenes were nearly identical as police instructed members of the respective OWS movements to leave their protest positions. Those who declined to abandon their posts were subsequently arrested.

Local law enforcement in Austin, Tex. and Portland, Ore. maintain that the OWS groups were “trespassing and violating city rules,” while protesters claim that the police were encroaching on their constitutional right to gather and protest.

In Portland, police took more than two dozen into custody, stating that the park closed at midnight. Those arrested were the ones who flouted police warnings. According to Mayor Sam Adams, the police “gave protesters numerous opportunities to simply walk away or choose to be arrested;” that’s not much of a choice when civil disobedience is involved.

The OWS group offered a different view on the matter, stating “six mounted police and approximately 65 police in riot gear pushed supporters to the sidewalks and conducted the arrests over a period a several hours.” In a tweet, the group said “this is what a police state looks like.”

In Austin, 38 people were arrested for setting up a food table outside City Hall, two days after a city issued ordinance claiming food tables must be packed away between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. As in Portland, the police ordered activists to leave; the protesters who declined were taken into custody.

According to Ronnie Garza, an Occupy Austin member, “A number of individuals decided to try to prevent the police from taking the food table, so they formed a ring around it. That’s when the police started pulling people out arresting them. These were arbitrary rules that came from City Hall which is what spurred people to resist in a non-violent way.”

The Austin police arrested four more on Sunday, maintaining that they are doing their jobs, and that’s it. The 38 originally arrested are being released according to Dennis Farris, a spokesperson for the Austin authorities.

Read more at CNN.

As the OWS tide continues to swell, authorities in all of the Occupied cities across the country seem to be cracking down on the groups in an effort to gain more control, as OWS moves into the second month.

On Friday, police stationed in/near Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan took protestors’ propane tanks and generators, forcing the activists to suffer through an unseasonal snowstorm with naught but their sleeping bags and will.

According to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, “These [propane tanks] are fire hazards (and) against the law, our first concern is safety.” Apparently, freezing to death is not high among safety concerns. Comments from Mayor Bloomberg indicate that as many as 40 firefighters seized six generators and a number of gas cans.

OWS members claimed the seizure is an effort to curb internet usage and make life uncomfortable (as if camping outside in New York wasn’t already).

The steps taken in New York follow an address made by Oakland, Calif. mayor Jean Quan, where she apologized for police action that included tear gas and an injured Iraq war veteran. According to witnesses, Scott Olsen, the injured veteran, endured a cracked skull after sustaining a blow to the head from a police tear gas canister. He is in fair condition at Highland Hospital’s intensive care unit.

According to scholars like Michael Heaney of the University of Michigan, “These police actions only serve to galvanize the movement. It actually makes a lot more sense (for police) to just wait.” While Susan Olzak of Stanford University claims, “Both sides are losing patience and both sides can become entrenched.”

Police action continues to step up all over the country. In San Diego, 51 protesters were arrested for the usual smorgasbord of charges brought against OWS participants. Three more shared the same fate in Tampa, Fla.

Nashville, Tenn. is enduring new statutes requiring protesters to have permits and curbing times available to protest. While in Atlanta, activists were arrested on Tuesday night after Mayor Kasim Reed sent emissaries to the protest to “see if we can find a way to resolve this amicably.”
Civil rights leader Joe Beasley, told the group that he feared the work of Martin Luther King Jr. was being undone, commenting “We now see a world that is more polarized than ever…The rich is getting richer, and the poor is getting poorer.”

Read more at CNN.

Shepard Fairey interview with Clark Davis of Occupy LA.

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